Could Mueller’s Russia Probe Be The ‘Smoking Gun’ Leading To Donald Trump’s Impeachment?

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is the man leading the investigation into allegations that claim Donald Trump’s election campaign team colluded with Russia to help Trump get elected. The Mueller investigation team has already indicted four members of Trump’s team. Mueller’s biggest scalp to date is that of General Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security advisor. Flynn entered a guilty plea to a relatively minor charge, lying to the FBI, and court documents revealed that Flynn is “fully cooperating” with the Mueller investigation.

Those same court papers also revealed that Flynn claims to have been under orders from a “senior member of Trump’s team,” when he made contact with Russian officials. Since Flynn’s indictment, it has been widely speculated that Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is that senior member of Trump’s team and that Kushner will be next to be indicted by Mueller’s Russia probe.

Since Flynn’s indictment, a new trend has emerged, a trend that calls into question the credibility and impartiality of the Mueller investigation. Since “Flynn Friday” President Trump has Tweeted 16 messages attacking the FBI in one way or another. Trump also Tweeted numerous messages attacking what he calls the “fake news” media. There have also been numerous reports in the right-wing media, and comments from Republican’s questioning the credibility of Mueller’s Russia probe.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the backlash against the Mueller investigation has been so fierce that some believe that it is laying the groundwork for Trump to fire Robert Mueller, something Democrats warn could cause a constitutional crisis. The USA Today asks a question that has doubtless crossed many minds. If Donald Trump has nothing to hide, why is there such a concerted effort to discredit the Mueller investigations finding?

As USA Today points out, Mueller is a life-long Republican and a decorated Vietnam veteran. Mueller enjoys such a good reputation that when he was appointed as Special Counsel long-time Trump supported Newt Gingrich said that “Robert Mueller is a superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity.”

The Hill reports that former Trump campaign manager, Michael Caputo, claims that Trump’s anti-FBI tweets are an “insurance policy” against political bias inside the Mueller investigation. Of course, by discrediting the FBI and the Mueller investigation President Trump creates a situation that will allow him to claim any finding of wrongdoing against him are politically tainted.

Of course, the unanswered question in all of this is whether the Mueller investigation will lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment. As reported by Newsweek, even leading Democrats are split over whether Trump should be impeached. Several Democrat’s have already laid articles of impeachment before the House, but none of those have a realistic chance of seeing Trump’s impeachment.

Even Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen, who is one of those who laid articles of impeachment against Trump, recognizes that impeachment proceedings will not succeed unless some sort of “smoking gun” is discovered. The bookmakers suggest that there is a 1-in-5 chance of Trump being impeached during 2018. Those odds would shrink if Trump were to fire Mueller.

Those who want to see Trump impeached will be hoping that Robert Mueller can provide that “smoking gun.” There is, however, an important issue that seems to get lost in the furor surrounding Donald Trump. The American people deserve to know if Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election. All of the intelligence agencies agree that they did, it now remains to be seen whether or not President Donald Trump and his team colluded in that interference.