Prince Harry Asked Barack Obama A Question About Meghan Markle, And The Royal Was Happy With His Answer

Prince Harry didn’t invite Barack Obama to his upcoming wedding while interviewing him, but he did asked the former President of the United States a question about Meghan Markle. The topic of Harry’s bride-to-be came up during a playful round of quickfire questions, some of which Obama refused to answer.

This morning, fans of the friendship forged by Prince Harry and Barack Obama finally got to listen to their highly-anticipated interview for BBC Radio 4’s Today program. While chatting to the former POTUS, guest editor Harry touched on a wide range of topics, from how Obama feels about the current state of the world to whether he prefers boxers or briefs. Obama wouldn’t answer the latter question, nor would he say whether he’s a bigger fan of Khloe Kardashian or Kim Kardashian. However, as reported by Elle, he did have an answer ready when Prince Harry quizzed him about his TV viewing habits.

Suits or The Good Wife?” Prince Harry asked.

Suits obviously,” Barack Obama answered.

“Great, great answer,” the royal replied.

As most royal watchers know, Suits is the USA Network TV series that Meghan Markle used to appear on. Last month, it was announced that the 36-year-old actress would be leaving the show at the end of season 7. According to Harper’s Bazaar, her final episode will air early next year, and it may feature a wedding — Markle’s lawyer character, Rachel Zane, has been engaged for quite some time on the show.

Rachel Zane isn’t the only fictional Rachel that Barack Obama is a fan of. Prince Harry asked him to choose between Friends characters Rachel Green and Monica Gellar, and Obama said that he prefers Jennifer Aniston’s role on the hit show.

“Okay, I won’t be telling Monica that,” Prince Harry quipped.

While Barack Obama might watch Suits and Friends, he doesn’t list them among his favorite TV series of all time. According to Insider, the pop culture-savvy former president has said that he thinks HBO’s The Wire is the best TV show ever produced. He’s also a fan of M*A*S*H, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Mad Men, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, The Knick, Entourage, and Downton Abbey.

Prince Harry didn’t just ask Barack Obama about TV shows during their interview, which was previously recorded at the September Invictus Games. The royal also quizzed him about movies, White House perks, basketball, and music. He even asked Obama whether he’s a bigger fan of the prince who interviewed him or the one who will someday inherit the British throne, and the former commander in chief’s response made him laugh. You can check out the full round of rapid-fire questions below.

After Prince Harry’s pre-taped interview with Barack Obama aired, he was asked whether he and Meghan Markle plan on inviting the Obamas to their May 19 wedding. As reported by CNN, the royal responded by saying that he and his future wife haven’t started putting their guest list together yet. He also said that he doesn’t “want to ruin that surprise.”