‘Doctor Who’ 2018 Jodie Whittaker: What Can We Expect Of The World’s First Female Doctor?

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Peter Capaldi has bid farewell to the TARDIS during the Doctor Who Christmas Special. As Jodie Whittaker enters the realm of impossibilities, fans are excited with her first two words, “Oh, brilliant!”

After Jodie came in, fans were ecstatic, even though the last scene with Capaldi featured the TARDIS missing again.

As fans grew more and more excited for the new Doctor, they will have to wait until “late 2018,” according to Digital Spy. The only two words that the world was able to hear from Jodie were, “Oh, brilliant!” but it wouldn’t be so “brilliant” to wait for that long.

However, there are some drastic changes aside from Capaldi passing on the key to Whittaker. Showrunner Steven Moffat will also leave, so Broadchurch writer/creator Chris Chibnall can replace him when Whittaker comes in.

Whittaker also played a big role in Broadchurch, so there will already be a sync with her and Chibnall.

In the latest issue of the Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat said that they needed to wait for Chibnall’s availability for Christmas this year so they could transition for next year.

“The alternative might have been to have had no ‘Doctor Who’ at all between Christmas 2015 and the autumn of 2018.”

There will also be a character change for Capaldi’s companion; Pearl Mackie playing Bill Potts won’t return. However, there may be a chance one of the popular faces from Matt Smith’s Doctor may come back.

In a conference, Alex Kingston who played the Doctor’s wife, River Song, said she already arranged for the shooting of her scenes with the new doctor. It would be interesting to see how Whittaker will be able to handle the wife transition for this one. Still, having a few familiar faces would help the audience find a common ground as they try to set a new stage for a whole new Doctor Who experience.

Jodie Whittaker herself does not expect anything less. In her interview with Doctor Who Magazine, the actress said Chibnall will be focusing on revamping the characters and giving a whole new flavor to Doctor Who.

“Chris [Chibnall] wouldn’t have cast me as the Doctor because he wanted me to repeat anything that had gone before. And I think as a fan you don’t want to watch something that’s an imitation of something that’s gone before. Or what would be the point of recasting?”

As for Whittaker’s new companions, it has been reported that Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, and Mandip Gill will all be regulars, Digital Spy reported.

Doctor Who Series 11 will have 10 episodes that will run 50 minutes each, except for the premiere which will be an hour-long.

Doctor Who Series 11 will launch during the autumn of 2018 on BBC One.