Michael Schumacher Update: Scammers Plot To Get Big Bucks For Alleged Accident Footage

Stephanie LecocqAP Images

As F1 legend Michael Schumacher fights for his recovery, scammers are attempting to take advantage of the situation by claiming they have the footage of the day Schumacher got into an accident in the French Alps.

The racer has been under observation since he suffered a traumatic brain injury after a skiing accident in 2013. Since that time, family and friends have been discreet. They only release information to the public whenever there’s an update on his health.

Now, scammers are using his plight as a way to gain attention and get money. These people have posted fake videos that supposedly show what happened during Schumacher’s skiing trip.

According to Express, the video has already garnered thousands of views, but there is no verification that it is true. Most of the videos are unclear and show no sign of Schumacher being in the Alps. Still, the titles imply that it was Schumacher, so people click on it to see if it’s true.

YouTube is one of the top sites where scammers are uploading the video for views. Although YouTube has upped its screening on kids’ channels, it’s still an open platform where anyone can upload videos. YouTube can detect copyrighted clips from movies, which disables the option for monetization. However, if the scammers are posting the video as their own, then YouTube has no manual way of removing it unless someone files a report.

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The video scamming has intensified after one of Schumacher’s family members announced to the press that they are simply hoping for a “medical miracle.”

Schumacher reportedly came out of the coma in 2014, but it is still an uphill battle for recovery. In one of the latest updates, Schumacher’s former Ferrari boss Jean Todt said he is “still fighting.”

Todt acknowledge Schumacher’s legacy in the racing industry and said that he will always be a special person for him, according to Express.

Although Schumacher’s recovery has been hard, brain injury specialist Dr. Mark Meeks claimed there is “new hope” in his condition.

According to the Sun, the doctor and his team can focus on Schumacher because there is “probably no clinic in Europe that handles as many cases as we do.”

As for the videos and clips, they keep reposting via anonymous names while Michael Schumacher and his family continue to fight for his life, including the one below.