A 39-Year-Old Single Mother, Karen Anvil, Snaps ‘$1 Million’ Photo Of Meghan Markle, Royals On Christmas Day

Chris JacksonGetty Images

A 39-year-old single mother named Karen Anvil found herself in the middle of a whirlwind of attention on Twitter when she snapped a photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — on Christmas Day. As seen below, the Twitter photo has a timestamp of 6:11 a.m. and a description that notes Anvil was looking out for the royal folks when she was able to snap the pic of Meghan, Kate, Harry, and William. Hailing from Watlington, Karen was able to get a photo that many professional photographers would have loved to capture as the foursome attended services at Sandringham.

According to LAD Bible, Anvil’s photo went viral, gaining more than 13,000 likes. The photo was captured after Karen’s 17-year-old daughter, Rachel, encouraged her mother to go to church and join the crowds of folks they saw on TV the previous year, as reported by BBC News. Karen had been sick the prior year, therefore she promised her daughter that they would attend church services in 2017, on that fortuitous Christmas Day.

Anvil described that her bubbly and “fan-girl” screaming got most of the royals to look her way when she snapped the photo of the foursome, with only William looking in another direction. The hard-working single mother with two jobs began allowing media outlets to use the photo free of charge when they began asking on Twitter.


However, some of Anvil’s Twitter followers began advising her to stop giving away her photo for free to media outlets to use as their featured photo or cover story photo. Throughout the comments section beneath the viral photo, Anvil admitted that she knew nothing about the lucrative market behind such photos, as folks told her that her “million-dollar” photo could help fetch a tidy sum from some organizations.

Karen’s photo is being praised as a great photo for several reasons, namely because she was one of the first — if not the first person — to snap the photo of the royals on Christmas Day and publish it in a widely-available and viewable format. Anvil’s photo, which showed off the fashions of the royals, also rivaled the quality of professional photographs.