The Queen ‘Gushes Over’ Prince Philip — Royal ‘Shout-Out’ For Husband Of 70 Years In Christmas Message

Roz Zurko - Author

Dec. 25 2017, Updated 5:36 a.m. ET

The interest in royal life, especially the one shared by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip through 70 years of marriage, has recently spiked thanks to TV shows and movies depicting their early years together. One of the most talked about of these venues is The Crown, which is part of a newer crop of shows on Netflix. The Crown is based on factual events, but that doesn’t mean liberties weren’t taken to exaggerate a bit to give the show a more dramatic flare.

As People Magazine suggests, “let’s be honest, even the life of a royal sometimes needs TV magic to make it more watchable.” As demonstrated in The Crown, the Queen offers up a Christmas message each year to all the people of the U.K. and the royal family as the rest of the nation settles in to hear the Queen’s words at Christmas.

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According to International Business Times, in Queen Elizabeth’s message this year, she takes some time out and “gushes” over Prince Philip, her husband who has been there through the thick and thin of royal life. The 91-year-old Queen has been recently meeting with Meghan Markle over her up-and-coming wedding to the Queen’s grandson, Prince Harry.

Many reports indicate, as well as recent pictures, that Megan Markle and Prince Harry are just swooning over one another as their love affair is moving closer to the altar. The Queen is also looking forward to to the birth of a third child to Prince William and Kate, reports IBT. With all this happiness, love, and joy, it looks as if the Queen took some stock in her own personal relationship with Prince Philip to share during her Christmas message this year.

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The word “gushing” might not fit into your idea of how the Queen would present herself, but her words describing her thoughts on Prince Philip were described this way by IBT. The Queen is described as someone who is “studious” and “stoic” by The Guardian. While Queen Elizabeth is known for her very regal and stellar demeanor, she did sway away just a bit from her usual self during her Christmas message to give a shout-out to Prince Philip. Many articles online are suggesting this was a “romantic” gesture on the part of the Queen. With headlines like “Queen Elizabeth Gives a Surprisingly Romantic Shout-Out in Her Annual Christmas Speech,” describing the Queen’s tribute to her husband.

According to IBT, “The 91-year-old monarch reportedly praised the Duke of Edinburgh for his ‘support and unique sense of humor.'” If you are a fan of The Crown, you have seen the sense of humor possessed by Prince Philip depicted as well as how supportive he has been through the years.

The Crown depicts the life and times of the Queen and Prince Philip in their earlier years as having a mutual admiration for each other. It also demonstrates how Prince Philip basically put his own personal wants and needs on the back burner so he could be there for his wife. It sounds that Queen Elizabeth is recognizing this in her Christmas message this year.

According to People Magazine, the Queen taped her Christmas message for 2017 from the 1844 Room in Buckingham Palace.


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