Trump Retweets ‘Winning’ Bloody CNN Photo On Christmas Eve

Richard DrewAP Images

On Christmas Eve, President Donald Trump was busy on Twitter, retweeting a photo of himself that is gaining a whole slew of criticism from the media. As seen in the below photo, the controversial image is a Photoshopped photo of Trump inside a car, phone to his ear, with his leg crossed to reveal the bottom of his shoe. The bottom of the shoe appears to show blood in the middle of a CNN logo.

As reported by Time, the original photo from Neal Boenzi of The New York Times/Redux shows Trump as a much younger man on November 18, 1985. The black-and-white photo was taken after Trump revealed his development plans in Manhattan at the Hyatt Hotel on 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue. However, the attention that the president has given the violent bloody Photoshopped image is gaining rebukes on social media.

As reported by the Hill, the photo that Trump shared to his millions of Twitter followers has gained criticism for encouraging violence against journalists. The retweeted photo came from the Twitter account named “oregon4TRUMP” at the handle @shawgerald4.

The fact that Trump retweeted the bloody image on Christmas Eve was also a point of contention. As seen in the below tweet from CNN anchor Jake Tapper, Trump was criticized for publicizing such an image as the President of the United States on Christmas Eve.


Matthew Dowd, a political analyst for ABC, turned to Trump’s Christian supporters and asked if such a tweet was appropriate on Christmas Eve — a time that’s normally set aside for celebrating the Savior’s birth.


Some Twitter users responded to the controversy by replacing the bloody CNN logo with a snippet of the Constitution, as seen below.

Meanwhile, the original meme is getting a heated response, with people sharing their own NSFW memes and responses to the bloody CNN logo. Others are begging for Trump to “give it a rest” on Twitter with the savagery, especially on Christmas Eve.


Trump has previously retweeted memes and GIFs showing violence against CNN, such as a video of Trump wrestling against and body-slamming a person with a CNN logo superimposed on his head.