‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Shares How Badly He ‘Wanted To Be A Grandpa’ In Social Media Update

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Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff shared recently how badly he “wanted to be a grandpa” and apologized to his social media followers for posting photos of his two grandkids. Of course, Matt’s apology was made jokingly because his hundreds of thousands of social media followers love to see new photos of both Jackson and Ember. According to Matt Roloff on his most recent Facebook post, which also included a very “adorable” new photo of baby Jackson, he is so “blessed” to now be a grandpa times two.

Matt Roloff’s Facebook post from this weekend has already received 15,000 reactions from his followers who are very understanding of his need to share photos of his grandbabies. In fact, according to one follower, it was “cool to watch” Matt’s four children “grow up” on the small screen via the Roloff’s reality TV series, Little People, Big World. The same follower goes on to tell Matt that now viewers get to see a “whole new generation” of Roloff kids grow up.

Just this year, Matt, 56, and Amy Roloff, 53, were blessed with two grandkids, Jackson Kyle and Ember Jean, who were born almost exactly four months apart. Jackson is now 7-months-old, while Ember turned 3-months-old two weeks ago. A majority of Matt’s social media posts now consist of photos of both Jackson and Ember, and just hours ago, Matt Roloff posted a new photo of baby Jackson’s “smiling little face,” as noted by one comment. Matt captioned the photo by saying he’s “sorry,” but he “just can’t help” himself.

Matt Roloff then goes on to explain in the comments how badly he “wanted to be a grandpa” and that his “life is soooo blessed” to now be a grandpa “x2.”

All four of Matt and Amy’s kids are grown with three out of the four married and two with children of their own. Little People, Big World fans got to watch fraternal twins Jeremy and Zach get married on the small screen and also got to see the birth of Matt Roloff’s first grandchild, baby Jackson, on the finale episode of the last new season back in June. Since Jackson’s birth in May and Ember’s birth in September, Matt and Amy’s followers have enjoyed seeing photos of both grandbabies and told Matt on Facebook that “no apology” is needed for continuing to post photos.

One of Matt’s followers noted that “it’s great” to be a grandparent and not to “be sorry,” while another follower commented that “it’s awesome” that he gets to see his grandchildren “so much.” Still, another follower gave Matt Roloff some sage advice to take “all the pics you can” because they are “only little once.”

As baby Jackson gets older, Matt’s followers also say that he is looking more “like his grandpa” Matt and his “daddy Zach.”

Overall, Matt’s Facebook followers agree that posting pics of grandkids is just part of being a grandparent and that Matt Roloff should be a proud grandpa.

One follower asked Matt in the comments when Little People, Big World will return to TLC and if the Roloff family is still filming for the new season that’s rumored to feature more of baby Jackson, along with baby Ember’s first ever appearance on the long-running reality TV series.

In Touch Weekly shared two days ago that Matt Roloff “teased” that the new season of Little People, Big World is on the way after Matt shared that baby Ember will be giving baby Jackson a “run for his money” on the upcoming new season, which is rumored to premiere sometime in the first quarter of 2018.