Katt Williams Pulls Race Card Again, Says Nightclub Fight Started Over Racial Slurs

Katt Williams is pulling the race card yet again, this time claiming that a nightclub visitor started throwing racial slurs in his direction which led to a fight.

Williams and tour manager Suge Knight claim that the man was directing the racial slurs their way and then repeatedly screamed “F**k Obama.”

You may recall that Williams recently said he slapped a Target employee after they called him a “N**ger.”

The nightclub attack which went down last weekend outside Eden nightclub in Hollywood was caught on tape, however the racial slur is not heard on the video. However, a TMZ reporter on the scene during the incident says the rapper and his manager in no way started the fight. According to the photoga horde of guys started calling him the N-word, specifically shouting “f**king ni**er” and then “F**k Obama.”

When Katt Williams walked over to speak with the attackers he was allegedly shoved which ultimately led to the fight and ultimately to Suge Knight stepping in to deal with the incident. Katt Williams and Suge Knight decided to hightail it out of the area.

Another eye-witness during the night of the fight claimed that Suge Knight punched him and that it was Katt Williams who called a guy a “Mexican” which led to other slurs being thrown about.

Katt Williams may be correct in throwing around the race card but that doesn’t make his own physical attacks right.

Do you think Katt Williams should just walk away from verbal attacks thrown in his direction?