Second ‘PUBG’ Xbox One Update Focuses On Performance, Bluehole Looking At ‘Car Meta’


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds received a second update for the Xbox One Friday morning, just days after the first patch earlier in the week. The console version of the battle royale game received further performance improvements and other bug fixes while developer Bluehole states it is paying attention to complaints concerning the current “car meta.”

This will likely be the last update to PUBG on the Xbox One until the start of the new year. The fact that Bluehole was able to get a second patch out in just three days is still impressive and a welcome feat by the console community, given the on-going performance issues of the game.

The patch is a 4.36 GB download, while the notes list “[c]ontinued performance optimizations” along with “a variety of crash fixes.” The performance benefits of this patch aren’t clear at the moment, but the previous one did come with framerate improvements offset by issues like frame drops, hitches, and rubber-banding.

Bluehole also took some time to make some gameplay tweaks. Weapon recoil has been reduced for all weapons in the Xbox One version of PUBG. Additionally, the general sensitivity option has been expanded to provide a larger tuning range.

Two PUBG players get into a literal fire fight.
Featured image credit: Bluehole

PUBG Xbox One players have been complaining about the controller sensitivity since launch and the difficulty in aiming as a result. The recoil reduction appears to be a quick and dirty first effort to combat the current issues of input lag and lack of aim assist when using a controller. Further controller adjustments will likely come in 2018, though there is no word if aim assist will happen.

Meanwhile, the dominance of players using cars in PUBG matches was a surprising issue out of the gate. The top of the leaderboards is filled with players who have loads more kills with cars than weapons.

Bluehole states it is monitoring the current car meta is having on the game. In the meantime, PUBG players should focus on shooting vehicles. Tires can be shot out from vehicles, and they will explode if enough damage is dealt. The question is whether the current controller sensitivity issues lend themselves to making cars a preferred weapon.