Why The Duggar Family Is Being Criticized Over Jinger Duggar’s Bahamas Birthday Video

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The matriarch and patriarch of the Duggar family got their Christmas celebrations off to an early start by crashing the anniversary trip of two of their closest friends. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar filmed a special birthday message for their daughter Jinger during their tropical holiday getaway, but some critics are slamming their video and their decision to go on vacation without their kids.

On Thursday, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared a birthday video for Jinger on their family website. The video was filmed while the Counting On couple was in the Bahamas with Bringing Up Bates stars Gil and Kelly Bates, who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. The Bates and Duggar families have been friends for years, and they have a lot in common. Both families share similar religious beliefs, and they both have their own own reality shows. Michelle Duggar and Kelly Bates can also both boast that they’ve given birth to 19 kids, which is something that is mentioned in Jinger Duggar’s birthday video.

“Michelle and Kelly together have had 38 children,” Jim Bob says. “That’s really amazing.”

Jim Bob goes on to say that he and Michelle decided to join Gil and Kelly Bates in the Bahamas after one of the family pilots, John-David Duggar, offered to fly the group there. After revealing that they all recently called Jinger Duggar to wish her a happy 24th birthday, the foursome sings to her. Jim Bob decides that the couples should kiss at the end of the video.

The Duggars shared a link to the video on their family Facebook page, where most fans responded to it by wishing Jinger a happy birthday. However, some critics didn’t enjoy the video.

“Ugh! Enough with kisses! What is that had to do with Jinger’s birthday?” read one remark.

Another of the Duggar family’s Facebook followers mentioned the family’s recent birthday video for 9-year-old Jordyn Duggar. As reported by CafeMom, Michelle Duggar bragged about how she saved money on the little girl’s birthday dress by buying it at a thrift store.

“A thrift store dress for your own child but you’re celebrating not having to be parents in the Bahamas. CPS needs to take away every child under 18. These people are not fit to raise farm animals much less humans.”

One fan praised the Duggar family for living frugally, arguing that the reason the Counting On stars can afford an expensive trip to the Bahamas is because they save money on their kids’ clothing by shopping at thrift stores. However, others pointed out that Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t just need money to go on the trip; they also needed someone to take care of their kids.

“They can manage to take the trip because they have the siblings raising the siblings,” wrote one commenter.

Over on the Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page, another critic suggested that Jana Duggar was left in charge of the household while her parents went on vacation.

“So…while they’re crashing Gil and Kellie Jo’s anniversary in the Bahamas, poor Jana is minding the fort as usual?”

According to In Touch Weekly, many fans believe that 28-year-old Jana still lives at home with her parents because they rely on her to care for her younger siblings and help with the housework. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, fans felt sorry for Jana last Christmas because she spent Christmas Eve baking cookies and bread for her family and their guests.

Unfortunately for “Cinderella Duggar,” it looks like she wasn’t invited to join her parents on their tropical vacation for a few days of pre-holiday relaxation.