Madonna’s Fans Hope She’s Following Bruce Springsteen To Broadway For 2018 Shows

Jonathan Leibson

Madonna has said in the past that she wouldn’t be desperate enough to do a residency in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she wouldn’t do a residency at all. Traveling from city to city certainly presents challenges for a mother and six kids, and it was rumored that the constant traveling was a source of friction with her son Rocco a couple years back. As a matter of fact, Madonna has recently told the BBC herself that she was looking to do some sort of residency and reinvent the concert experience.

“This is something I’m exploring right now: the idea of doing a show that doesn’t travel the world, but stays in one place and utilises not only humor and the music in a more intimate setting but other people’s music, as well, and other entertainment,” Madonna is quoted as saying, adding that she is still in the process of coming up with ideas.

While many other stars do residencies because of fading super-stardom, this certainly isn’t the case for Madonna, who earned almost $170 on her 2015-2016 Rebel Heart Tour according to Billboard. She certainly doesn’t dominate the charts like she used to, but her last tour received the best reviews of her entire career as a performance artist. The Guardian gave her performance five stars, and Idolator said that the Los Angeles stop reminded everybody that Madonna is still performing at sold-out arenas unlike her peers, who have set up shows in much smaller theaters. Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone also had nothing but praise for this tour.

So, what has Madonna fans speculating that she is doing a residency on Broadway? Well, for one thing, she has a house in New York. Recently, Madonna has been seen at Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show, although she tried to go unnoticed.

Madonna Broadway 2018
Madonna's next tour could be a lot more low-key. Featured image credit: Theo WargoGetty Images

So why is Madonna, a woman who has never claimed to be a huge Springsteen fan (she’s never said anything bad about him either), attending the show? Perhaps she secretly loves Springsteen. Then again, she could have just been going along with a friend. But, as many Madonna fans have speculated, it’s possible that Madonna is taking notes for her hoped-for future appearance. Fans are excited, but would still travel to Antarctica if she was doing a residency there.

In any case, Madonna is set to announce her residency very soon. According to Just Jared, Madonna recently hinted that she’s going back to performing next year after taking an extended break in 2016 and 2017. If the Broadway show is announced, you can bet that ticket sales will be stratospheric.