Kate Middleton Laughs As She Enjoys Prince William Gallop In Front Of Cameras, Another Meghan Markle Effect?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to be letting their hair down more often. Recently, the second-in-line to Queen Elizabeth’s throne briefly showed his dancing chops at the Royal Variety Performance, which was held at the Palladium Theatre in London.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince William was gently coaxed into mimicking Miranda Hart’s signature move during the Royal Variety Performance. Unfortunately for the future King, hostess Hart’s dance is the gallop.

With the help of one of the cute cast members of Annie, Hart politely convinced Prince William to gallop in his royal box seat, reported the Huffington Post. Queen Elizabeth’s grandson placed a hand over his face, slightly abashed, then braced himself before agreeing to gallop.

The royal only galloped for a short time, but it was enough to get Duchess Kate laughing along with the rest of the audience. According to Time, viewers at home seemed to have enjoyed the prince’s dance since it received an overwhelming amount of reactions online. Everyone enjoyed Prince William’s gallop and loved seeing him joining in the fun.

Prince William’s gallop was indeed a sight to see, especially since he will be the King of England in the future. Usually, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very proper during official royal appearances. However, in this instance, the second-in-line to the throne seemed to deem it appropriate to let his hair down and have some fun.

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Lately, the royal pair appears to be more relaxed during their engagements. Just a couple of weeks ago, the general public could not help but notice that Kate Middleton was openly affectionate with her husband in front of BBC cameras. Now, the public cannot stop talking about Prince William’s gallop.

Duchess Kate’s PDA at BBC studios was attributed to Meghan Markle’s open manner with her royal fiance, Prince Harry. Multiple reports alleged that Ms. Markle was effectively changing the royal family, especially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The former actress’ acceptance into the royal family has helped the press and the public see the British royals as normal people who happen to have duties to the crown. Meghan Markle doesn’t affect the family, but she does help humanize the British Royal Family in the eyes of the press and the general public.

The truth is that Prince William and Duchess Kate still have fun and let their hair down once in a while if the opportunity presents itself. In fact, this past summer, Kate Middleton competed against Prince William in a boat race during their royal tour in Europe, as per Vanity Fair. They visited Poland and Germany for a week and found themselves in a friendly competition with the German rowing squad.

The boat race didn’t get quite as much coverage as other public appearances Kate Middleton and Prince William made around the same time. Lately, the press has been showing a more serious side to the Cambridges, probably because the couple has adapted to family life really well. But the young, vivacious William and Kate come out once in a while.

Incidentally, Prince William won that boat race. He threw his fist up in the air as he beat his wife’s boat. Considering Prince William’s recent galloping performance, however, it would seem that his royal talents lie in sports and not in dance.