Fashion Mogul Vittorio Missoni Missing After Plane Disappears In Venezuela

Fashion mogul Vittorio Missoni and his wife are missing after the small plane they were traveling in disappeared off the coast of Venezuela on Friday.

Six people were aboard the small plane when it departed from Venezuela’s Los Roques resort archipelago. Officials have reported that the passengers on board included Mr. Missoni, his wife Maurizia Castiglioni, the couple’s two friends, and two flight crew members.

The Associated Press writes that Vittorio Missoni is the director general of Italy’s Missoni fashion house. The 58-year-old fashion mogul is the eldest son of the company’s creator. A worldwide iconic brand, Missoni is known for the use of geometric patterns displayed throughout its knitwear collections.

The fashion house is considered to be one of the Italy’s most recognized fashion exports. Although the company’s founders continue to be involved, Vittorio Missoni has been vital to the brand’s marketing in global regions. He played an essential part in the marketing of Missoni to Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan.

According to the Daily Mail, the fashion mogul’s flight was bound for Caracas with a travel distance of close to 100 miles. Departing at 11:00 am, the plane was reported missing when it did not arrive at its destination as scheduled.

Unsuccessful searches by both sea and air were performed by Venezuelan officials during daylight hours on Friday. The rescue mission resumed on Saturday with officials reportedly incorporating a “specialized ocean-searching naval vessel” in the search.

The Missoni fashion mogul was reportedly vacationing with friends in Venezuela at the time the plane went missing.