‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Dissed By His Own Contestant Red Marlow

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Blake Shelton was on the receiving end of some pretty choice words from one of his own contestants on last night’s (December 19) first of two finale episodes of The Voice. Red Marlow, who’s one of two contestants Team Blake has in the final alongside Chloe Kohanski, poked a little fun at his coach on the Monday night episode as they exchanged some jokingly harsh words.

The twosome, who’ve grown to be pretty close friends on the show, joked with one another as Red performed during the performance half of the finale, as Us Weekly reported that Red referred to Blake as an “idiot.”

After Shelton admitted that Red may even be more country than him, the singers then exchanged a few playful jabs after admitting that their relationship has blossomed so much over the past few months that they actually feel like “brothers.”

“I hate to be that way,” Red responded after Blake suggested he’s even more country that him, before Marlow then jokingly slammed Shelton by calling him a “goofball” and an “idiot” as the cameras rolled.

But it sounds like the “God Gave Me You” singer took the diss all in his stride after Red had some very choice words to describe his coach on the latest instalment of the NBC talent search.

Refuting Red’s claims after being called a “goofball” and an “idiot,” Blake hilariously responded that he believes he’s more like Marlow’s “hero.”

“I was looking more for ‘coach’ or ‘hero,'” Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend jokingly hit back.

But there’s certainly no doubting that Shelton is no stranger to a playful jab or two.

Earlier this week, the country star threw out a few disses of his own as he poked fun at Adam Levine. The coaches have sat alongside each other on The Voice for the past 13 seasons, which will become 14 after the twosome take to their seats again next year for Season 14 alongside Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys.

Blake Shelton just got dissed by his own 'The Voice' contestant Red Marlow during the finale
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Shelton slammed Levine while speaking to Hollywood Break about his relationship with the Maroon 5 singer, calling him a “b**t hole” in a recent interview.

“Adam’s one of those celebrities that you just wish would change someday – and he still hasn’t yet,” he said. “He’s the same b**t hole that I met in 2011.”

But while his words towards his fellow The Voice coach seemed pretty harsh, Shelton also admitted that their banter on the show is what keeps things interesting for him after six years and 13 consecutive seasons in their coaching chairs.

“If it wasn’t for our bickering I don’t know if I’d still be having as much fun with this thing if he wasn’t the way he is,” the singer confessed.

But when Blake wasn’t caught up in a little banter with Adam and Red, also during the finale, Miley took to the stage with her final remaining contestant Brooke Simpson for a duet version of her 2013 single “Wrecking Ball.”

The performance didn’t exactly thrill everyone however, as some claimed the star overshadowed her contestant while noting that their performance together seemed more like Brooke was Miley’s backup singer.

The second part of The Voice’s big two-part Season 13 finale is set to air tonight (December 19) on NBC.