Blake Shelton Calls Adam Levine A ‘B**t Hole,’ Jokes About Their Love/Hate Relationship On ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton is speaking out about Adam Levine and opening up about their love/hate relationship on The Voice, where they’ve sat alongside each other for the past 13 seasons. Ahead of the Season 13 two-part finale tonight (December 18) and tomorrow night, Shelton lifted the lid on his and Adam’s relationship while referring to the Maroon 5 frontman as being a “b**t hole.”

Blake, who’s enjoyed a whole lot of banter with Adam since the NBC show first began back in 2011, joked that he’s been wanting Adam to change his ways ever since they first met on the show six years ago.

“Adam’s one of those celebrities that you just wish would change someday – and he still hasn’t yet,” Shelton said of his fellow The Voice coach per Hollywood Outbreak.

“He’s the same b**t hole that I met in 2011,” Blake then joked of Adam, but admitted that their often harsh banter is actually what makes the show fun and keeps things exciting, despite their jabs seeming pretty harsh on the surface.

“That’s what makes this show fun,” the “I’ll Name The Dogs” singer continued of his and Levine’s jokey banter. “If it wasn’t for our bickering I don’t know if I’d still be having as much fun with this thing if he wasn’t the way he is.”

“He really hasn’t changed at all,” Shelton then added of Levine.

The Voice duo have been exchanging jabs on the series ever since it first began, swapping cutting words both on and off camera for the past six years.

However, Adam revealed earlier this year that the duo actually took on a slightly different approach when they sat alongside each other to find talent once again this year. Levine teased that they actually started off the currently airing season being a little nicer to one another.

But it sounds like that didn’t exactly work out for the two long-time The Voice coaches.

Joking that he felt “hollow inside” when he was actually being nice to his co-coach, Adam told Entertainment Tonight earlier this year that being kind to one another rather than tapping into their friendly rivalry just “didn’t go well at all.”

“Once we started hating each other again, I started getting people on my team, he started getting people on his,” Adam continued, revealing that both were actually struggling to get acts to join Team Adam and Team Blake until their banter returned to the blind audition stages.

Referring to his relationship with Blake as being “dysfunctional,” Levine then added that poking fun at one another and “hating each other” on the show is actually “how we show each other we love each other.”

Shelton and Levine will be going head-to-head once again this week as Season 13 of The Voice draws to a close with the big finale. Blake’s heading into the final two episodes with two acts in the form of Chloe Kohanski and Red Marlow, while Adam has Addison Agen competing in the finale.

The two will go up against Miley Cyrus who has Brooke Simpson on her team, though fourth coach Jennifer Hudson’s final two contestants were both eliminated during last week’s semi-final, which caused some fans to threaten to boycott the show and ask for a recount of the votes.

It seems like Shelton’s in it to win it again this year, as he took to Instagram on December 17 to reveal to fans that he and his acts are ready to “get that [win].”

The Season 13 finale of The Voice will air on NBC on December 18 and December 19.

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