Meghan Markle Gets Special Invite By Queen To Open Xmas Gifts With Kate Middleton’s Kids: Did Kate Protest?

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Rumors that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are feuding have soared ever since Prince Harry announced his engagement to the actress. Kate has been reported to be jealous about the way that Meghan’s polished presence has stolen the spotlight from Middleton’s third pregnancy. Now Markle has achieved something that Kate never did: An invitation to spend Christmas with the royal family before getting married to a member of royalty. Adding to the tension, there have even been rumors that Queen Elizabeth prefers Meghan to Middleton, with the invitation to Christmas taking those claims to the next level.

Queen Elizabeth Favors Meghan Markle Over Kate Middleton, Fueling Feud?

The situation is making waves in the palace, with Kate in the shadows as Meghan takes center stage. In contrast to the reported hesitation that some of the royal family had in accepting Middleton, ET pointed out that Prince Harry’s future wife has been adored by all ever since the engagement announcement.

“In an unprecedented move by the queen, she’s the first royal fiancée to be invited to Sandringham. Meghan has clearly been embraced by the royal family since her engagement to Harry was announced in November.”

Although Markle already enjoyed tea and buttered scones with the queen at Buckingham Palace in October, the Christmas plans are seen as the glittering diamond in her tiara of acceptance. Meghan will enjoy her very first official event at the London residence of the queen during the holiday events.

Queen Breaks Royal Rules, Bypasses Kate Middleton With Invitation To Meghan Markle?

Royal observers are shocked by the queen’s invitation to Meghan to spend Christmas morning with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. It’s not known how their parents, Kate and Prince William, felt when they found out, but the holiday invitation is seen as a protocol-defying opportunity given only to Markle to become part of the royal family before marriage.

Richard Fitzwilliams, known for his knowledge of the royal family and palace protocol, discussed the implications about Meghan’s very special, unprecedented invitation to Christmas.

“This is a completely new departure from Christmas with reference to the royal family. Normally, the protocol is pretty strict.”

Kate Middleton is certainly well aware of the differences between how Meghan is being treated and how she was received. When Prince William was engaged to Kate, Middleton never received an invitation to spend Christmas with the queen. And it’s not just Kate, pointed out the royal expert.

Meghan Markle scored a protocol-defying invitation to Christmas with the queen even before she and Prince Harry tie the knot.
Meghan Markle scored a protocol-defying invitation to Christmas with the queen even before she and Prince Harry tie the knot.Featured image credit: Matt DunhamAP Images

During Mike Tindall’s engagement to Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Phillips, their status as an unwed couple meant that there was no invitation to Christmas from the queen. While the queen is viewed as the main champion of Meghan, there’s another powerful force at work behind the palace walls.

Prince Harry Puppet Master In Promoting Meghan Markle To Royal Family Ranks Despite Unwed Status?

Fitzwilliams offered another theory about why the queen has broken protocol and given Markle an invitation that Kate Middleton and other girlfriends of royal family members never received. He believes that Prince Harry is behind the scenes, getting the queen to promote Markle to the family ranks even before their marriage. But he also credits the queen for favoring Meghan over previous contenders.

“The main reason [Markle is invited] is clearly that it’s what Harry wished. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it wasn’t the queen’s idea.”

While the queen and Prince Harry are teaming up to make his future wife feel warmly welcome at Christmas, there’s potential for an awkward Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Gets Awkward When Meghan And Harry Spend Night At Kate’s Home?

Markle and Prince Harry need to be close to Kate’s and William’s home so that she can take advantage of the invitation to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte open their gifts from Santa Claus early on Christmas. As a result, the lovebirds are set to stay at Middleton’s country residence, Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

The home also is conveniently close to Sandringham. But while their overnight visit will make it easy for Meghan and Harry to cheer as Kate’s 4-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter squeal over the contents of their Christmas stockings, it could make for an awkward Christmas Eve.

It’s not just Middleton who may be noticing the unprecedented way in which the queen seems to be favoring Meghan. ET‘s insider also revealed that royal staff members who met Meghan at a pre-holiday staff party at Windsor Castle were delighted by Markle.

In addition, the queen will hold a pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace this week. It’s intended to give her the opportunity to visit with relatives who didn’t rate an invitation to the exclusive gathering at her estate to which Meghan was invited. At the lunch, Markle is expected to meet more of Prince Harry’s relatives, who may react just like Kate Middleton is rumored to feel when it comes to Meghan’s fast-track into the royal family’s inner circle.