WWE Rumors: Former Women’s Champion And Hall Of Famer Planning To Join First Women’s ‘Royal Rumble’?


Could a WWE legend like Trish Stratus find herself in the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match, now that it’s been made official after months of rumors? While WWE might not need anyone from the past to make the numbers, considering the depth of its Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT women’s rosters, a new tweet from the seven-time WWE Women’s Champion and Hall of Famer suggests that she might be interested in making a brief comeback and hitting the ring for the history-making match.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw ended with a big announcement from on-air Raw Commissioner and real-life WWE executive Stephanie McMahon, as she confirmed that the company will be holding its very first women’s Royal Rumble match at next month’s pay-per-view of the same name. While it isn’t sure yet whether the match will feature only 20 participants, or whether it will include the standard 30 participants like the men’s Royal Rumble match, speculation is running high, as many fans are debating on who should be booked to win the women’s version of the annual over-the-top-rope battle royal.

According to a report on WWE’s official website, most of the company’s current female wrestlers took to Twitter to express their excitement over the upcoming match. A few names from the past also reacted to the announcement, including WWE Hall of Famers Amy “Lita” Dumas and Trish Stratus. But while Lita appeared fine with staying on the sidelines to support the women’s Royal Rumble competitors, Trish might have shown a bit of interest in actually taking part in the match, as publications such as Wrestling Inc. speculated.

“There’s NOTHING @WWE women cannot do. It’s been a long-time coming – can’t wait for the FIRST EVER WOMENS #RoyalRumble! Now…where dem boots?”


If Trish Stratus joins the first women’s Royal Rumble match next month, there’s a chance she may be utilized as a surprise entrant, much like several male WWE legends and NXT talents have been in previous iterations of the Royal Rumble. While last year’s edition only saw one surprise entrant – erstwhile NXT star Tye Dillinger – enter the Royal Rumble match, prior editions featured the likes of Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, John Bradshaw Layfield, and even The Boogeyman make brief appearances in an attempt to pop the crowd, but not be considered a serious threat to win the match. Stratus, who turned 42-years-old on Monday, could fit that bill, as she has mostly stayed away from the ring in the 11 years since her retirement match, where she won her record-setting seventh WWE Women’s Championship at the Unforgiven pay-per-view.

Following that retirement match, Stratus wrestled a few more times on WWE television and pay-per-view, mostly taking part in mixed tag team matches. According to the Internet Wrestling Database, Trish last competed for the WWE on the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania XXVII in 2011, as she and John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

At this point, it’s far from confirmed that Trish Stratus will be in the women’s Royal Rumble match. But if WWE stays true to history and books a few surprise entries like it usually does with the men’s Royal Rumble, it won’t be much of a stretch to see the Canadian women’s wrestling legend lace up the boots in a rare post-retirement appearance.