‘Christmas Story’ Kids Pushing 50-Years-Old — Check Out The Grown-Up Versions Of Ralphie And Scut Today

Mark DuncanAP Images

A Christmas Story is one of those movies that people love to revisit every year around the holidays. They tune in to watch Ralphie vie for that BB Gun, a bully get what’s coming to him, and to see some gullible kid famously get his tongue stuck on the flagpole. These young boys emerged from the 1983 holiday hit as iconic kid stars. Over three decades have passed since these young men lit up the screen with their antics in A Christmas Story and they are now grown adults rounding the corner to 50-years-old.

So what happened to the adorable Ralphie who wanted a BB-Gun for Christmas and whose father in the movie acquired a rather risque lady’s leg lamp that became an iconic prop with a life of its own? So where is he now? Peter Billingsly who played Ralphie Parker is 46 today and while he’s still in Hollywood, but he is behind the camera lens when it comes to the hit movies today, according to Page Six.

Peter Billingsly has been behind that camera for some pretty extravagant movies, like Ironman and he produced this Marvel favorite alongside Jon Favreau. If that’s not enough to impress you, how about little Ralphie growing up and producing The Break-Up and Four Christmases? He also has directing credits, which includes the movie Couple’s Retreat. According to Page Six, Billingsly is “also behind TV shows including Sullivan & Son and F is For Family, which is a Netflix show.


It seems that Christmas themes are still appealing to the very grown-up Ralphie. Besides his Four Christmases movie credit, Billingsly did a cameo in the hit movie Elf, playing the role of the head elf called Ming Ming. Social media has gone crazy over the adult version of Ralphie with the word “handsome” used when describing his looks today.

The next young boy who made a big impression for all those who enjoy A Christmas Story is also just around the bend from 50. Who can forget the bully, Scut Farkus, in his coonskin hat? Scut, who was played by Zach Ward, is now 47 and his handsome looks today were the talk of the town, the online town of social media that is. People started to notice his dashing good looks after a recent interview was published.


So what’s the all-grown-up Scut up to these days? According to Fox News, he’s still seen in front of the camera with his most recent work on the latest American Horror Story. That is a big leap from A Christmas Story, but the two venues have “story” in common, so it looks like Scutt is still enjoying playing out a role in a story for the audience today.

According to a previous Inquisitr article, Zach recently revealed something about A Christmas Story that may have dropped a few jaws. He was asked about the money he still collects from the royalties of that iconic movie, which is still going strong today on TV and cable channels. Zach warned the interviewer, “You’re going to be so disappointed.”

He then revealed that he gets about $1,800 every two years, which is doled out in Canadian money. That breaks down to $900 a year, which is about what a family of four would need to spend each year if they went to see a movie at a theater twice a month. That’s based on ticket prices for prime movie showings at $10-$16.50 per person today, according to what Regal Ticket Price quotes.

When folks got a gander at Zach’s picture now that he’s all grown up, he wasn’t spared the critiques on his adult looks. He was called a “hottie.”