Jeremiah Raber Surprises Fans With Reconciliation Announcement, ‘Return To Amish’ Star Reuniting With Carmela

Jeremiah Raber is making headlines once again. His relationship with his wife, Carmela, has been a rollercoaster ride. The two do well for a few weeks, and then everything falls apart and a social media firestorm ensues. Raber has taken to YouTube to share what is going on with his life in recent weeks, allowing fans to get updates straight from the source. Since Return to Amish doesn’t have an update about a new season, he is left to figure out how to find a new job on his own.

A few weeks ago, Jeremiah Raber revealed he had set up a GoFundMe page for help with his mortgage payment and bills. He made several excuses about why he couldn’t work while asking for help from his fans. This drew out the critics, and they blasted Raber. Since then, he hasn’t said much of anything. Now, he is back with an update that has shocked some of his followers, but Raber isn’t too concerned about what anyone else has to say regarding this matter.

According to Starcasm, Jeremiah Raber announced that he is reconciling with his wife, Carmela. The two are not officially living together, though. Right now, Raber is in Florida while Carmela is in Washington. She is currently working, and while they are working through their issues, she will likely remain across the country. Raber posted a YouTube video that included clips of his wife talking about their marriage. As of now, they are no longer getting a divorce.

The relationship between Jeremiah Raber and Carmela has been rocky throughout 2017. They split up earlier this year when she accused him of being physical with her. In fact, that was when fans and followers believed the two would end their marriage. Instead of staying away, she returned to Raber a few weeks later. After that, the two appeared happy for a brief while, even deciding to sell land and take a vacation together. That turned sour when Carmela reportedly ditched Raber and drove off with their money and his belongings while he was inside a store paying a bill. That is reportedly the situation they are currently working to rectify.

At this point, Jeremiah Raber is convinced the two will prevail in saving their marriage. Critics have already come out and blasted the reconciliation publicly. Of course, Raber is firing back. He noted that he isn’t interested in what anyone else has to say. Carmela wants to work things out, and so does he. Public opinions don’t matter to Raber, and this time, he isn’t letting the negativity affect him while working toward getting his wife back home.

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