Jeremiah Raber Posts GoFundMe Campaign To Get Help With Mortgage, ‘Return To Amish’ Star Roasted By Critics

Jeremiah Raber is making headlines again. This time, though, it isn’t because of alleged abuse. Raber is famous for being a part of the TLC shows Breaking Amish and Return to Amish. His life has been chronicled for the last few years. While it looks like there may not be another season for Return to Amish, Raber is still very much in the spotlight. The last several months have been tumultuous at best for him, and now, things are steadily getting worse.

A few months ago, Jeremiah Raber and his wife, Carmela, went through a rough patch. She reportedly took off with $15,000 and some of his personal belongings while he was inside paying a bill. This was the second notable public battle with Carmela this year, and Raber went all out trashing her. The first incident was when she alleged Jeremiah was physical with her. They separated for a while, but ultimately, she went back to him.

Now, Jeremiah Raber is living alone because Carmela went back to Washington state. This is where his troubles are stemming from. His house in Florida isn’t affordable. He is reportedly falling behind on the mortgage. According to Starcasm, Jeremiah Raber started a GoFundMe page to help get his mortgage paid. The haters have been all over this, especially because they want to know why he can’t work and pay his own bills. With Return to Amish potentially not returning, finding some work is definitely a pressing issue.

In typical Jeremiah Raber fashion, he has responded to the haters. He has made excuses as to why he can’t work, including blaming the haters, mentioning he does not have a driver’s license and saying that jobs are hard to find where he is in Florida. Of course, this just drew more criticism. Raber claims there are things in the works, and he just needs some help until he gets on his feet.

The next few months will be hard for Jeremiah Raber as he deals with not being able to see his children, Carmela moving away, and the financial issues. He has opened himself up to some harsh criticism with the GoFundMe, but Raber stands behind his decision to ask his fans for help.

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