‘Destiny 2’: Bungie Is Launching A ‘D2’ Webcomic, And It’s Being Handled With Very Capable Hands

Stefans02Flickr/ Cropped and Resized(CC BY 2.0 )

Recently, Bungie announced that it would be publishing a series of webcomics tied to Destiny 2. The series will be created by a handful of talented storytellers, including some from Marvel. The series seems to be the game developer’s attempt at reviving players’ interest in the first-person shooter.

According to its official website, Bungie will release a webcomic series next week. The webcomics will be free for gamers to read and enjoy. The first part of the series will focus on Osiris and Ikora’s origin story and will be titled Fall of Osiris.

So far, the only information about Osiris and Ikora’s background is that they had a student-teacher relationship. However, Ikora took part in Osiris’ exile when the latter lost his sanity while obsessing over the Darkness and the true purpose of the Guardians.

In Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris DLC, Osiris finally makes an appearance after playing such a crucial role in the first-person shooter game for so long. Thus, it is only fitting that Osiris is the subject of the first webcomic. After all, Destiny’s storyline is strongly tied to Osiris’ background story.

Bungie seems to be placing a lot of hope in the webcomic series, as a group of talented people has been put in charge of the project. Among the list of people working on the series are Margaret Stohl and Ryan North, both of whom have published works with Marvel.

Stohl is presently working on The Mighty Captain Marvel for Marvel, reported GoodReads. Besides comics, she has also written several novels. In fact, Stohl is the co-author of Beautiful Creatures, which was made into a motion picture a couple of years ago.

Meanwhile, North is the author of Marvel’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. According to Amazon, Ryan North is also responsible for writing the Adventure Time comic.

Bungie seems to be trying to reinvigorate Destiny 2 gamers’ interest in its multiplayer first-person-shooter game with these webcomics. So far, the sequel to Destiny has been riddled with disappointments for fans of the first game.

Most gamers complain about the lack of content in the AAA title. Curse of Osiris was supposed to add some fun content for gamers. Instead, Bungie received backlash for blocking gamers who did not buy the Curse of Osiris expansion, as could be seen in the community’s reactions on Reddit.

The latest DLC seems to live up to its name and has become a curse on Destiny 2. By broadening the background story of some of Destiny 2’s most interesting central characters, Bungie seems to be hoping that gamers will come back to the game.

Osiris is probably the most colorful character in the franchise so far. He is a fallen hero who is now perceived as a villain. So, Bungie’s gamble may pay off and attract gamers to pick up the controller and play Destiny 2 again.