‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Tori Bates Marries Bobby Smith, Duggars Attend

Tori BatesInstagram

Bringing Up Bates star Tori Bates is now married to Bobby Smith. People shared the details about their big wedding day that the Duggars also attended. The couple got married today in Knoxville, Tennessee. Tori is 21 years old and the fans have loved watching her relationship with Bobby on the show.

The wedding was at Calvary Baptist Church. It is being reported that all of the Duggars were there expect for Jinger. Obviously, that is because she now lives in Laredo, Texas, with her husband Jeremy and has to miss out on things once in a while.

The Bates used trees from their own farm to decorate the church with Christmas trees. This is very fitting seeing that the wedding is just a couple of weeks before Christmas. These were painted white and put in concrete. Kelly Jo Bates did a lot of the decorating, which had to be fun for her.

Of course, Gil Bates was the one who officiated Tori’s big day. She walked down the aisle to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.” Gil said that he was very proud of both of them. One big thing at the wedding was that Lawson Bates performed an original song. It was called “One Plus One.” Lawson has shown on Bringing Up Bates that he is very passionate about music.

Renee Miller was the one who designed Tori’s dress. The fans have seen her on the show Counting On when she worked with the Duggars and even Kendra Caldwell on their dresses.

Tori and Bobby have been together a while now, but had to do a lot of their relationship long-distance. They actually just got engaged in September and put the wedding together pretty quick. Bobby has been living in Tennessee recently so that he could be closer to her. Their plans for their future home have not been revealed yet, but it would be great if the fans get to see it on Bringing Up Bates.

The fans can’t wait to see the big wedding between Tori Bates and Bobby Smith. Hopefully, it will be on the upcoming season of Bringing Up Bates, which can be seen on UP.