Jenelle Evans Slammed By David Eason’s Sister, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Using Drugs Again?

Jenelle Evans recently got married to David Eason. The two have been together since she split from Nathan Griffith, Kaiser’s father. Eason has been helping Evans raise her son, and the two welcomed a daughter back in February. Things appeared to be going well for the couple as they purchased their own land, and built a home for their family on it. Jenelle seemed to be getting herself together, but recent events have sparked suspicions about drug use among Teen Mom 2 viewers.

Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans starred in a Teen Mom 2 special about all of her exes. They revisited her past relationships, but only focused a small portion of the time on her relationship and marriage to David Eason. It appears that Jenelle’s comments about Eason’s family have upset his sister. In fact, she vented about the portrayal on social media. According to All About the Tea, Jessica Eason Miller is upset about how Jenelle Evans has alienated her brother from his family. These two have had a rocky relationship as both Evans and Miller have gone back and forth on social media. The digs have been pretty spot on, but one comment about drugs making people mean has fans speculating whether or not the Teen Mom 2 star is back to her old ways.

A lot of Jenelle Evans’ life has been caught on camera. Since 16 & Pregnant, she has been filming. That is roughly eight years of her life chronicled for the world to see. This included Evans being on drugs that ranged from marijuana to heroin. Teen Mom 2 fans have been voicing concerns that she may be back to using after photos of her face surfaced with what appeared to be a breakout. Things between Evans and David Eason have also been rocky over the last few days with their social media accounts saying their relationship status had changed more than once.

The situation between Jenelle Evans and Jessica Eason Miller isn’t shocking to viewers who follow the two on social media. At one point, the two had made amends. David Eason is being unfairly portrayed according to his sister, and she is not okay with how Evans is making her family look. There are children involved here as well. Between the two, they have five children. Currently, only three of the five live in their household.

Teen Mom 2 is currently filming another season. There is going to be plenty to see when the show returns to MTV. Right now, Jenelle Evans is doing all that she can to protect her family according to the cease and desist letters she sent her co-stars. Rumors of drugs are back in the picture, and if that is what is happening, things won’t end well for the young mother of three.