’90 Day Fiance’ Tell-All Sneak Peek: Couples Reveal Their Real Relationship Status, But Where Are Azan & Luis?

On Sunday, 90 Day Fiance fans will finally know which of this season’s couples ended up together. After a dramatic and controversial season, the six couples are sitting down with host Shaun Robinson for the much-awaited Tell-All special.

Based on the sneak peek shared by People, the two-part finale will be nothing short of explosive. There are tears, screaming, and shocking never-before-seen footages.

“There’ll be shocking revelations,” the host’s voice-over says in the sneak peek.

“Find out which couples stand together, and which relationships crumbled.”

Last week, 90 Day Fiance viewers saw each of the couples getting closer to their K1 visa deadline. Most of them were preparing to get married, but they had to deal with serious issues before they say “I do.”

Will Annie Return To Thailand?

David and Annie, perhaps one of the most talked-about couples this season, sat down with David’s adult children. It was Annie’s first time to meet her future stepchildren, and the 24-year-old bar singer from Thailand certainly did not expect what she saw.

David’s daughter Ashley shockingly threw a glass of water at him while arguing over dinner. She wasn’t amused by the fact that his 48-year-old father was about to marry a girl half his age. What’s more, she revealed that David hasn’t exactly been a good father and role model for them and exposed his infidelity in the past.

Since returning to the United States, David and Annie have been staying at David’s couple friends, Chris and Nikki. David’s lack of employment and drinking problems have strained his relationships with his friends, and in the upcoming Tell-All special, viewers will see a confrontation between the trio. Chris also bursts out and offers Annie $10,000 so she can return to her country.

“I’m guaranteeing her $10,000 to go back to Thailand.”

It can be remembered that this is the same Chris who drew flak from 90 Day Fiance fans for asking Annie to give him a Thai massage and cook for him in one episode.

Aika Deals With Josh’s Vasectomy

Meanwhile, it seems that Josh and Aika still haven’t resolved the whole baby issue. Aika, 36, wants to children, but Josh, 43, already has had a vasectomy. Last week, Aika went to a doctor to know her fertility status. She left the hospital all the more determined to have her own kids.

“Do you think the marriage could survive if you don’t have children?” host Shaun Robinson asks Aika in the Tell-All special.

“I have to think about that,” the Filipina answers and the camera cuts to Josh, who’s visibly upset.

Azan And Luis, No-Show?

While all the couples are sitting next to their partners, Nicole and Molly are obviously without their fiances. Where are Azan and Luis?

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Last week, Molly and Luis got into this huge fight which ended up with Molly throwing him out. In the Tell-All, Molly vents out her frustrations.

“I just wanna pull my freaking hair off!”

As for Azan, there are rumors circulating that his K1 visa got denied, In Touch reported. He is still in Morocco and perhaps this explains his absence in the Tell-All episode. This will surely cause problems with his already strained relationship with Nicole.

Catch the two-night finale of 90 Day Fiance Season 5 on Sunday and Monday, 8 p.m. on TLC.