‘This Is Us’ Actress Chrissy Metz To Make Theater Debut

This is Us star Chrissy Metz has had a busy 2017 and it is already looking like 2018 will not be slowing down. Aside from her role as Kate Pearson on This is Us, Chrissy will be making her theater debut at the Geffen Playhouse in May. What kind of play is it that Metz will star in?

Deadline shared that Chrissy will be the lead in the revival of a 2004 New York play by Neil LaBute titled Fat Pig. Deadline calls the production disturbing and reveals the preview performances will commence May 16 with the official opening night being May 23. Fans will have until June 24 to catch Metz performing on stage.

She Knows revealed that Chrissy will be playing the role of Helen in the production. Metz will be the love interest of a young man who faces challenges for his relationship choice. The play will revolve around this young man falling in love with a smart, beautiful woman, played by Metz, who also happens to be overweight. The man has a rather snobby social circle who laughs at his choice in women, ultimately deciding Helen is not a good match because of her weight.

Metz also made the announcement official on Instagram. She shared a photo of the announcement and said, “It’s offish! Yours truly is coming to The Geffen. I wanted to do this for so long because it’s a brilliant play written by Mr. LaBute AND taking the stage scares the heck out of me! Would love to see you all there.”

While Fat Pig will debut once again at the Geffen Playhouse in May, it will not be the first time Metz has read for the part of Helen. Chrissy played the part in a one-night reading last March for a benefit at New York’s MCC Theater.


Fans know and love Metz not only for her amazing skills at playing Kate Pearson, but also for her positive outlook on body image and her own weight. With that being said, Fat Pig is not known for its respectful treatment of women, especially the role of Helen. Fans may be wondering how Metz could take on a role that criticizes her weight and disrespects women. Luckily LaBute is giving the play a little rewrite prior to the big premiere in May.

LaBute says the new edits will make the female characters more three dimensional and give them more voice. LaBute says he is adding another office scene as well as an alternate ending. It sounds like the new edits will be worthy of Metz and her amazing acting ability. LaBute said, “Not long after Fat Pig‘s extended run at the Geffen, I decided to expand the play to include another office scene and a varied take on the ending. Both of these additions give new voice to the female characters in particular, yet I have never allowed the material to be added to a production until now. I have waited for a revival that excited me and that I could be an intimate part of, and I’ve now found that opportunity in the return of this play to its Los Angeles home.”

In the meantime, fans are excited to see Metz in the second half of the sophomore season of This is Us. The Pearson clan has a lot going on in the present and fans are anxious to see more of their past, especially the death of Jack. Stay tuned for more updates on Chrissy and This is Us.