‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Galen Gering On Rafe And Sami Scenes, Reveals What Alison Sweeney Destroyed

Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed that Rafe Hernandez and Sami Brady would eventually have a night of passion. That happened, and now, fans are wondering about his future with Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso). Recently, actor Galen Gering discussed preparing for the “Safe” sex scenes. He also talked about how Alison Sweeney ended up ruining something that belonged to him during filming. Find out what it was and how the actor responded to the hilarious incident.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Galen Gering admitted that the romantic scenes were tough. Even though Rafe and Sami used to be a couple, it’s been a long time since they had intimate moments on screen. The actors went back and forth trying to determine the best way to play out the sensual scene. Gering thought Sweeney should be the first one to kiss, but she disagreed.

“Ali and I were like, ‘How do we get in this moment?’ And she said, ‘Well, you lean in and kiss me,’ and I’m like, ‘No, no, no, no, no. You lean in and kiss me is basically how it plays out,’ and she said, ‘No, that’s not how.’ And so we’re looking at each other and I think maybe we even went to tape and and we just both sat there and looked at each other, and just burst out laughing.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that the cameras began rolling, and instead of getting down to business, they just stared at each other. Then, both Galen Gering and Alison Sweeney burst out laughing. Eventually, they got the scene taped, which fans saw play out on television screens last week.

However, there was something amusing that happened during the taping. Sweeney ended up getting quite passionate with her co-star. She ended up ripping off his shirt. When the actress did that, one of the buttons flew off and went missing. Joking about the incident, Galen gave Alison a hard time about how that was his favorite shirt.

“Sami ends up ripping off his shirt and tearing the buttons off, and I joked with her saying, ‘Dude, I liked that shirt. Now it’s destroyed. You don’t care. You’re leaving in three days and I still don’t have a shirt now in my collection. Thank you.’”

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that shortly after Rafe and Sami’s night of passion, Alison Sweeney would make her exit. The actress was only back for a brief time. Despite Will Horton (Chandler Massey) not remembering that Sami is his mother, he has decided to make peace with her. Just when he came to the decision, Sami let him know that she was leaving town. He was disappointed by the news. However, he understands that Sami is actually doing something selfless for once. She is leaving Salem so she doesn’t cause him any additional pain.

Meanwhile, Hope can’t find out what happened between Rafe and Sami. Unfortunately, Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) overheard the conversation and knows about the affair. Even though Rafe and Hope are back together, the guilt will end up being too much. Eventually, the truth will be exposed. Only time will tell what will happen with the couple known as “Rope.”

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.