Meri Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Opens A Bed and Breakfast: Get The Details

Meri Brown has started a new venture recently. Starcasm shared the details about her new bed and breakfast that she just opened. Ever since Mariah moved out, Meri has been looking for something to do with her time, and it looks like she has found the thing. She also sells LuLaRoe clothing online.

It turns out that this season on Sister Wives, the fans will learn all about Meri getting the bed and breakfast ready, but she has already opened it. She opened up Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah on Wednesday. You have to wonder why she chose Utah since the family lives in Las Vegas. It turns out that the house she turned into a bed and breakfast has some meaning to her. It is an old family house, and she shared, saying it was “built by my great-great-grandparents in 1870 and occupied by 4 generations until it sold out of the family in the 1980’s.” Meri was able to buy this house back after all this time.

Meri Brown put a lot of work into this house, which must mean that she hasn’t been in Las Vegas with her family much lately. More than likely, she has been spending a lot of time in Utah getting the house ready. She used a lot of stuff that her great-grandmother made to decorate the house. It sounds like this house is really important to her, and she chose a lot of things that she values for the bed and breakfast.

The new bed and breakfast looks amazing, but it will be interesting to see how it works out. Meri Brown isn’t living in Utah, and she won’t be there for the everyday stuff that needs to be done at the bed and breakfast. She will have to hire people to run it that she really trusts. The bed and breakfast is almost three hours from the family home in Las Vegas. If Meri is staying there often, then that is not going to be good for her marriage with Kody Brown. These two have been through issues for a while now.

It looks like Meri Brown is doing great for herself. You won’t want to miss her on a new season of Sister Wives when it starts in January on TLC.