Bristol Palin Receives Gift In Mail: Engagement Ring And A Knife

Being related to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin hasn’t been easy since 2008, it seems, and Bristol is learning that. It’s bad enough that Palin has been the butt of many jokes in the Democratic camp since John McCain chose her as his potential Vice President.

Bristol has obtained a restraining order against a 39-year-old stalker who allegedly sent her an engagement ring in the mail along with a frightening letter, according to E! News. Her reps also said the Dancing With the Stars contestant received another note (with a knife) that police are looking into. Michael Cummings, of Texas, also allegedly showed up at Sarah Palin’s home on Bristol’s son’s fourth birthday on December 27.

David Martin, Her manager commented that they consider it to be a “very serious situation and we’re not taking this lightly.” Cummings’ mother has also told authorities that her son was “unstable” and searching for Palin when he showed up at the former Republican Governor’s home in December, says FOX News.

Bristol’s friends and family added they will “do everything we can to keep him away from her.” The current restraining order is temporary and another is being planned on later this month. Martin tells us that Bristol is “very upset,” but her main concern is keeping her family safe.

Bristol Palin 'Dancing with the Stars'

During both her stints on DWTS, Palin had a scare when someone sent suspicious mail containing what turned out to be harmless white powder to CBS studios, prompting a federal investigation.

Mental illness strikes again, it seems, and it’s finally being recognized as a problem if unchecked.