Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner Among Celebs Accused Of Deceiving Fans Via Photoshop Fails And Fake Pics 2017

Roz Zurko - Author

Dec. 15 2017, Updated 4:25 a.m. ET

Photoshop can be a vanity-based tool for celebrities, who have been known to have a nip and tuck done up in a digital form. But when celebrities like Kris Jenner, Rhianna, and Kim Kardashian pushed the envelope a bit too far in 2017, people caught on. There were celebs who posted pictures that embellished their surroundings and ones who attempted to be someone they are not.

According to Fox News, there were quite a few celebrities who made some big social media mistakes when posting pictures during 2017. Some of their attempts to digitally enhance their looks have raised an eyebrow or two, while others have created a few laughs.

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Bow Wow posted a photo of a luxurious private jet, one that he was supposedly traveling on while making his way to New York for a show. It didn’t take long for a fan of the hip-hop singer to spot him on a flight, a commercial flight that is. He was flying along with just regular folks in an airline jet at the same time he had self-reported flying in the private luxury of a jet that he insinuated he had all to himself.

To add insult to injury, folks on social media found the picture that Bow Wow posted online as a stock photo on Instagram. His Instagram post is seen below.

How about Rihanna all dressed up in her sexy carnival attire for the Crop Over Festival in Barbados. Her fans debated back and forth about the 29-year-old’s svelte figure and whether it was photoshopped or not. According to The Sun, it was back in August when fans accused her of a photoshop fail due to an extra thumb, that’s right, an extra digit on her right hand. It was when one alert fan noticed that Rihanna was sporting two thumbs on one hand that seemed to bring the debate to an end.

Her picture below shows what looks like two thumbs or two different fingernails growing out of one thumb on her right hand.

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Kim Kardashian and her daughter North posed for a magazine cover photo this year. This photo was slammed for dual reasons, one of which Kim had people accusing her of having her face photoshopped darker to match her daughter’s skin tone, according to Fox. The other angry shout-outs came from people who thought she had some nerve comparing herself to one of the most popular first ladies the nation ever had, Jackie Kennedy.

While this photo was not from this year, it is one of the more famous of the debated photoshopped pictures online. When this photo of Beyonce golfing came out a few years ago, the alleged photoshop help given to her thighs made headlines, as seen below.

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While Kris Jenner looks fantastic in her home gym and holding a tea cleanse that she credits for helping her slim down, fans point out that there’s still some photoshopping going on here. The dent in the wooden bench behind her seems to indicate that it was more than a tea cleanse to award her those curves.

While these next pictures are not photoshopped, they certainly started a storm over Kim Kardashian allegedly using photoshopped pictures of herself online. Kim was captured in pictures sporting a bikini while on vacation earlier this year by a photographer. The photographer posted the pictures of Kim online without any photoshop enhancing.

The cellulite that is seen on Kim’s body in these pictures is not seen in any of her self-posted social media pictures, which fans quickly pointed out. Fans were furious over Kim not showing her true self with her own posted pictures and people accused her of posting fake pictures of herself online.

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The pictures of Kim in a bikini showed cellulite, which is a natural occurrence for many many women. These pics caused fans to question the many “natural” selfies she has posted on social media. Around the time of this incident, Kim reportedly lost about 100,000 followers online, reports the Evening Standard. The pictures of Kim in that bikini are seen below.


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