‘The 100’ Season 5 Spoilers: Jason Rothenberg Shares New BTS Set Photos, See Clarke And Madi, Kane, And Abby

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

The 100 Season 5 spoilers previously revealed a few set photos of a church that had impeccable attention to detail. Recently, showrunner Jason Rothenberg shared new behind-the-scenes photos. Some of them include Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Abby (Paige Turco). Also, it is teased that Clarke (Eliza Taylor) provides for her surrogate daughter, Madi (Lola Flanery).

On Twitter, Rothenberg has fans excited about new photos that were shared to his official account. It definitely looks like it is going to be an amazing season. Even though no premiere date has been announced yet, viewers are expecting it to air on The CW around January 2018.

As fans recall from the Season 4 finale, Tasya Teles, who plays Echo, went up in the rocket with Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), Murphy (Richard Harmon), Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan), and a few other characters. Although not a well-loved individual due to her deceptive ways in the past, fans might be seeing a different side of her in the future. Several photos of her smiling with other cast members have been shared on social media.

One fan in the Facebook group The 100 TV Show Lovers asked if Kane and Abby would be in Season 5. Until now, that was a mystery, although viewers speculated they would still be part of the series. The showrunner tweeted a photo of Kane and Abby together. That means they will both be appearing in the upcoming season. In fact, Jason Rothenberg wrote a caption with the image, saying that “happiness is take nine.”


The 100 Season 5 spoilers also reveal Clarke will be visiting Polis along with some other characters. Bellamy was in the picture along with Jarod Joseph, who plays Nathan Miller. A fourth individual was also photographed with the group, but the actor was not identified.


One of the newest and most revealing pictures is an outdoor set that looks like it might be Clarke and Madi’s home. A lot of old equipment was spotted, rags hanging down from lines, and there might be candles on a wooden table. Clarke is in the center of the image and has a defensive stance. Nearby, Madi is seen standing quietly and looking at her surrogate mother. There is someone else behind Lola, but the face is hidden. Judging by all of the items, it looks like Clarke and Madi have quite an elaborate set-up. Jason Rothenberg wrote that “momma provides.”


Lola Flanery shared on Instagram a close-up picture of herself posing with Eliza Taylor. It is teased that Clarke might have to make decisions that will make her conflicted. She will have to choose between doing what is best for Madi or doing what is in the best interest of the Sky Crew. However, The 100 Season 5 spoilers also state that Clarke will be one tough mother figure who will do whatever it takes to protect her young companion.

The 100 Season 5 is expected to return to The CW early next year.