Where Was Meghan Markle During Kate Middleton, Prince William, And Prince Harry’s Grenfell Tribute Appearance?

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Recently, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry attended a memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral dedicated to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, which occurred six months ago. Prince Harry’s betrothed, Meghan Markle, was noticeably absent during the service.

According to Reuters, the Grenfell Tower memorial service was all-inclusive. It was held to commemorate the people who died when the tower was set ablaze by a fire that Britain hasn’t seen the likes of since World War II.

As a sign of respect to the lives lost, St. Paul’s Cathedral held a multi-faith service, thereby also commemorating the multi-ethnic community that was ravaged by the fire. Prayers from both the Christian and Islam faiths were offered for the deceased, and music from the Middle East and the Caribbean was played at the somber event.

As symbols of national identity, unity, and pride, members of the royal family attended the memorial service, including Duchess Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry. Puzzlingly, Meghan Markle — who would have been very welcomed at the multi-cultural service — was not present.

Members of the Grenfell community have always felt neglected since their concerns over their neighborhood’s safety were never heard. Survivors of the fire apparently still feel like the Grenfell community is being neglected. Given the diversity of the Grenfell community, Ms. Markle’s presence would have been comforting to the families of the deceased.

After all, the former Hollywood actress represents a change for the better in British society. Meghan Markle’s welcome into the British royal family could be seen as the monarchy’s stance on an all-inclusive country.

Meghan Markle's first appearance with Prince Harry after the announcement of their engagement at Nottingham.
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So, where was the future princess? The last time she made an appearance was at Nottingham with Prince Harry. After Nottingham, reports suggested that she went back to America to spend time with her mother. However, Ms. Markle returned to the U.K. to attend the Queen’s annual Christmas party for her staff just recently, reported the Daily Mail.


According to the Mirror, Ms. Markle and her red-headed prince are expected to stay with Duchess Kate and Prince William at Sandringham Estate Anmer Hall over the holidays. With Christmas only a few weeks away, the bride-to-be is probably still in England, but her whereabouts during the Grenfell memorial service are still unknown.

Alex Bomberg, a former royal aid to the Kensington Palace and CEO of Intelligent Protection International, recently hinted that Meghan Markle may be busy going through security training for her new life as a royal. Bomberg stated the training would include a visit to the SAS “Killing House” in Herefordshire, which seems to be designed for rescue situations during moments of danger like live shootings.

Duchess Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry at the Grenfell memorial service.
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According to News.com.au, a 24-year-old man was recently arrested for trying to climb over the wall in Buckingham Palace. Whether the intruders attempted to enter Buckingham Palace uninvited due to Ms. Markle is unknown. However, the monarchy expressed concern over security because of the incident.

Thus, Ms. Markle’s absence at the Grenfell service may be a precaution the royal family and their security detail have taken, at least until the newbie royal knows the protocol for public appearances.