Tom Schwartz Speaks Out, Says Wife Keeps Him On ‘Short Leash’

Lily LawrenceGetty Images

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney are now married and seem to be doing great. Us Weekly shared the news that Katie actually keeps him on a “short leash.” Tom opened up in a new interview with Us Weekly and is explaining how things are for the couple now that they are married.

Katie shared that they have to work on things, but they are doing great. She admits that they have a few old habits to move on from. Tom said that she keeps him on a “short leash,” but he also admitted that it was his fault she does that to him. Tom does have a lot of fun partying as everyone has seen on Vanderpump Rules.

Katie Maloney did explain that she one reason that she has Tom on a leash is the fact that he likes to act like a frat boy. On the last episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom actually started drinking at Scheana Marie Shay’s party at night and then kept on drinking into the next day at the other party that they went to. Katie wasn’t with him, so maybe he wouldn’t have made that decision had she been by his side.

Tom said that he has been behaving, but as Katie mentioned, he parties like he is in a fraternity. The two are now married and it sounds like it is time for Tom to settle down a bit. She explained that he doesn’t always come home.

As Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney teased, the viewers are going to see it all on this season of Vanderpump Rules. The two have now been married for over a year. At first, nobody thought that Tom would ever even marry Katie, but he did it. Now the fans can’t wait to see if Tom Sandoval can convince Ariana to marry him.

So far, it looks like Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz might be the only couple who doesn’t have drama this season. It is obvious that the other couples are going to have issues like crazy on this season of the show. Don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo.