‘Shahs Of Sunset’ GG Asks A Judge For A Restraining Order To Keep Shalom Away

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Even though Shahs of Sunset‘s Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi seemed to indicate that she and her husband Shalom might be working things out on the Shahs of Sunset reunion, today she says that she has gotten the police and a judge involved. GG is indicating that she feels that she and her cats are in immediate danger and that she needs an order of protection from a judge. GG says that her estranged husband, Shalom Yeroushalmi, has been stalking and harassing her family, and she wants him to stay away. But is GG really in danger, or is she once again demonstrating the thirsty behavior that her Shahs cast members have accused her of?

Shahs of Sunset stars GG and Shalom have kept their drama in the press and all over social media ever since they announced that they had gotten married. Shahs‘ GG had her lawyer release a statement saying that she found out things about Shalom that made it impossible to continue with the marriage, but behind the scenes, GG and Shalom were still together.

The Shahs of Sunset Couple Are Back To Battling On Instagram

Shahs‘ GG ranted on Instagram that she had dumped Shalom and “taken out the trash,” selling her ring in a pawn shop, but then she turned up with the ring at the Shahs of Sunset reunion.

After that, the Shahs of Sunset star said that she was going to have Shalom deported.

“Sign the divorce papers you dumb f**k! Or keep up this social media war and watch your criminal, illegal immigrant ass get deported sooner than you can say ‘I’m coming home Germany!'”

Shahs of Sunset‘s GG Has Gone To Court To Get A Restraining Order

The Shahs of Sunset couple remained together after their marriage for only two months before the filings and accusations started, says TMZ. GG initially said that Shalom was bothering her and her family for months with phone calls and emails, but then she said that he was going to the press to sell stories.

But the bulk of stories in the press have come from Shahs‘ GG and not from Shalom. GG says, according to papers filed, that Shalom has been seen “lurking” on her property at least five times, and she claims that he posed as security to stop a food delivery.

The documents indicate that GG wants Shalom to keep his distance and to stop contacting her and her family.

“GG’s asking for an order to keep Shalom 50 yards away from her, Romeo and Malaika (her 2 cats). She also wants Shalom prohibited from contacting press or any social media outlets to offer info on her or her family.”

An L.A. Judge Has Denied GG An Order Of Protection

But something sounds fishy because GG lives in an apartment, so it’s unclear how he could get near her cats, and a judge must have agreed because he denied the order of protection. The judge said that the Shahs star’s filing did not indicate that an order of protection was necessary.

Shahs‘ GG And Shalom Are Constantly On Again, Off Again

And it sounds like the judge has a point, because the Shahs of Sunset couple have a track record of being on and off on a crazy roller coaster on screen for Bravo and in real life, says E! Online. To say that both parties are high-strung would be an understatement, because one day, GG can be telling the world about how terrible Shalom is, while the next, she wants her fans to stop being so critical.

Before the Shahs of Sunset reunion, GG issued a warning of sorts to her fans on social media.

“Enjoy watching the crazy roller coaster tonight…the fight and the proposal…and just keep in mind, your relationship probably ain’t perfect either, so keep the sh*t talking to a minimal [sic].”

In the past, Shahs‘ GG said she wanted a divorce, but Shalom refused. At the core of the battle might be that GG and Shalom did not have a prenup.