Trump Could Be Removed From Office By ‘Disloyal Cabinet,’ Says Close Ally Writing Book On ‘Trump Downfall’

Evan VucciAP Images

One of Trump’s closest allies is writing a book about the fall of Trump, suggesting that the president has surrounded himself with disloyal cabinet members. Nikki Haley has Trump fuming after her comment during a recent interview. She shared her views on the topic of Trump’s female accusers renewing their claims on inappropriate behaviors in the past.

Haley’s comment was one example cited by Roger Stone, who is Trump’s close ally predicting the fall of Trump. Stone “believes the president could be removed from office by his disloyal cabinet members — and he’s writing a book about it,” reports Vanity Fair.

According to Vanity Fair, it was Roy Moore’s loss that is “sowing panic” into some of Trump’s cabinet members. Steve Bannon said that Trump’s political survival hedges on the president’s support of Roy Moore. It is Moore’s defeat that Bannon feared. He worried it would give the Democrats a “political weapon” to force Trump to face those sexual harassment allegations that followed him into the White House and that are popping up again today in headlines.

Moore’s loss is seen as an indication that the public is taking the sexual harassment allegations seriously, which is what an unnamed “Republican close to the White House” told Vanity Fair. The calls for Trump to resign have followed the renewed allegations that bubbled up in recent headlines about the three women who are accusing him of inappropriate behavior.

The media tour of these three women in the last week, coupled with the recent statement made by Nikki Haley, who is known as a die-hard supporter of Trump, is not boding well for the president. Haley, who is a U.N. Ambassador, was on Face the Nation when she said, Trump’s accusers “should be heard.”


The Associated Press reported on Trump’s reaction to the comment Haley made on Face the Nation. The AP spoke with people who were familiar with Trump’s views, but who needed to remain unnamed because they were not authorized to reveal their private conversations.

“The president is said to have fumed when Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said in a weekend interview that the president’s accusers’ voices ‘should be heard.'”

Vanity Fair claims Stone is “making plans to commercialize on Trump’s downfall,” by penning a book. The book is reportedly titled The Fall Of Trump. Stone said that he got the idea for the book after watching how the White House responded to the Robert Mueller investigation. Stone believes that Trump could be removed from office due to him surrounding himself with disloyal cabinet members. Stone describes Nikki Haley’s Face the Nation comment as, “Nikki Haley stuck a knife in his back.”


Stone conveys he is not writing a book because he wants to, but it is his way of planning ahead. He said he is hoping he never has to write the book about Trump’s downfall.