Scott Disick Heated Argument With Sofia Richie Leaves Lionel Hoping They Break Up

Romain MauriceGetty Images

Scott Disick’s recent argument with Sofia Richie out in Miami reportedly left Lionel hoping that his daughter breaks up with the 34-year-old very soon, it has been reported.

The couple had flown out to Miami last week, and while all seemed well for the first couple of days, sources tell Hollywood Life that Sofia and Scott Disick got into it, and, to no one’s surprise, Lionel was quick to find out about it.

Since Richie first announced that she was seeing Scott Disick, nobody in her family has shown her relationship much love — they’ve all been left puzzled, thinking what the aspiring model sees in the father of three.

But for the fact that they had lasted for two months made it seem like things were going great between the two, until their most heated argument in Miami, which is now making relatives pray that the relationship is crumbling and coming to an end.

Lionel and his family members just can’t seem to comprehend how Sofia’s relationship with Scott Disick can have a happy ending.

The age difference and the fact that Scott has three children to care for is too much baggage for a 19-year-old to be dealing with, especially one that’s trying to focus her mind on building a career for herself.

Lionel is under the impression that if Scott Disick breaks Sofia’s heart now, she will get over it in no time, but if they continue to stay together and find each other arguing all the time, their split at a later point will be much more painful.

Scott Disick left his own family blindsided when he started seeing Richie, who was said to have been a close friend to Kylie Jenner when they were still kids.

Kourtney Kardashian was horrified by the romance but she has since made it known that if Scott Disick is happy with his new woman, she doesn’t want to intervene so long as her children are looked after properly when they are with their father.

Scott Disick has remained rather silent about his romance with Sofia, having yet to publicly address his romance with the teenager in a public interview.