‘Love After Lockup’ Star News: Details About What Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Kommes Got In Trouble With Law For

David SilvermanGetty Images

Love After Lockup is coming to WE in January and information about one member of the cast is already coming out. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Kommes has been in trouble with the law and Starcasm has the details about what she allegedly did.

Back in 2008, she had a mugshot that was pretty sexy and ended up going viral. Lizzie was arrested after being spotted by witnesses exiting a parking lot intoxicated while in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, her fifth DUI according to the gossip website. She allegedly offered police sexual favors and $10,000 to get out of it. Of course, this didn’t work out for her. She had a blood-alcohol level of 0.246 after her arrest. It turns out that she told the police she was already on probation for being caught with marijuana.

Before Lizzie Kommes had to go to trial, she went out to California. Before this, her sexy mugshot went viral and was shared all over. She then got in trouble for driving drunk once again and running into a park bench. She also happened to injure the person sitting on the park bench.

It sounds like Lizzie got pretty wild when she was trying to tell the police officers that she didn’t want to get arrested. She allegedly told them she has a “sugar daddy” who could be there in two hours with money and also made it clear she is good at a certain sexual act. It doesn’t sound like anyone fell for her bait, though.

It turns out that Elizabeth “Lizzie” Kommes also allegedly did a lot of stuff while behind bars and didn’t appear to be a model prisoner by any means. Now, she is joining a reality show called Love After Lockup and you have to assume that her sexy mugshot helped her get on the show.

WE tv shared a few details about Lizzie and her man on the show, Scott. They actually met on a prison penpal website. She is spending eight years in jail, but she says that Scott is her true love. He did send her about $20,000 during the time they have been together so far.


You do not want to miss the show Love After Lockup when it starts airing on WE. It will start airing on January 12, 2018. This show is from the same producers that gave fans 90 Day Fiance.