'GTA Online' Updates With The Doomsday Heist, A New Three-Act Mission For Two To Four Players

Heist missions came to the online option of Grand Theft Auto V in 2015. Over two years later, a new heist is now available in GTA Online on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Doomsday Heist features three acts, multiple missions, and around 12 hours of repeatable gameplay. Players can join their crews to complete the new prep missions, setups, and finale quests to earn major in-game cash.

The Doomsday Heist tasks players with saving the world. After the billionaire, Avon Hertz, uncovers a plot to start a war, Lester employs the players of GTA Online to stop it from happening. Unlike the majority of existing heists, The Doomsday Heist can be completed in groups of two to four players. The heist also pushes players into freemode for prep missions, where other players may foil their progress, according to the Rockstar Games website.

To get started, at least one player of a group must own a Facility in order to begin the new heist. The free update added nine Facilities to the game. The most affordable Facility costs $1.2 million, and the most expensive lot will set a player back $2.9 million. Like most high-end properties, Facilities can be customized in several ways. Players can customize a Facility's style, graphics, and amenities. Players can add a security room, a lounge, a sleeping area, and an Orbital Cannon upgrade. The cannon costs $900,000 to install and costs as much as $750,000 to fire on a 48-minute cooldown.

Buy a Facility to start The Doomsday Heist in GTA Online

The Facility is also required to house the new Mammoth Avenger. The new aircraft costs over $3.4 million in GTA Online cash and can carry more than two dozen players. The Avenger can be outfitted with weapons, a Vehicle Mod Shop, a Weapon Workshop, and much more. The new plane even features vertical take-off and landing technology.

According to The Doomsday Heist patch notes on the support site, nine new weaponized vehicles are in the patch as well. Players can purchase the Barrage, the Buckingham Akula, the HVY Chernobog, the Imponte Deluxo, the Mammoth Thruster, the Ocelot Stromberg, the RCV, the TM-02 Khanjali, and the Volatol. Five new high-end cars, six MK II weapons, 20 new pieces of clothing, 30 tattoos, and 26 new face paints are also available after the update.

The Doomsday Heist patch also adds a new radio station to both the online game and the single-player. The new "blonded Los Santos 97.8" station is available featuring the music of Frank Ocean. Not to mention, players can now save 20 outfits, instead of 10, in the online mode.

To celebrate the release of The Doomsday Heist, players can enjoy a 25 percent discount at Ammu-Nation and double payouts for bodyguards and associates. These specials will last until December 18 in GTA Online.