WWE News: ‘Sister Abigail’ Role Nearly Went To Former Divas Champion, Former WWE Writer Suggests


The role of the infamous “Sister Abigail” may have nearly gone to a previous member of the women’s division. Prior to Bray Wyatt’s feud with “The Demon” Finn Balor, rumors came up that Bray’s Sister Abigail would finally make an appearance. “She” did, but merely as a recreation of Bray Wyatt himself, despite rumors Paige and a handful of other women’s superstars might take on the role. Surprisingly, there was someone else in mind for the role, and she was pitched for it, but was never given that character while with the WWE.

It was reported by Anirban Banerjee of Sportskeeda that The Agenda Podcast recently had former WWE writer Tom Casiello on an episode. During his interview, he talked about the WWE’s “Women’s Revolution,” but he also brought up that former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn was pitched to take a spot in the Wyatt Family, which may point to Sister Abigail. Kaitlyn (real name Celeste Bonin) was known for her time spent on the third season of the NXT competitive show, where a female superstar went on to receive an actual spot on the WWE roster. Kaitlyn ended up winning the competition, with current WWE superstar Naomi placing second. From there, Kaitlyn eventually rose up the ranks and became WWE Divas Champion.

WWE Divas champ Kaitlyn nearly sister abigail
Former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn was pitched to be a member of The Wyatt Family.Featured image credit: WWE

Kaitlyn was involved in a few feuds and stories over her time with WWE, including a “secret admirer” situation where AJ Lee made it seem Big E Langston was interested in her. That ended up being mind games from AJ in a feud between her and Kaitlyn over the WWE Divas title. AJ was able to defeat Kaitlyn for that title just six days later at the Payback 2013 pay-per-view, ending a relatively long reign for the former champion.

It was mentioned by the former WWE writer that the pitch for Kaitlyn to join the family was made in 2013, which was right around the time of the group’s debut. That would’ve given her potential for a new story after she had lost the championship to AJ Lee at Payback. However, the WWE decided not to run with that particular idea. While Casiello didn’t say Kaitlyn was slated to be Sister Abigail, per se, the female character has been mentioned for the longest time by Bray Wyatt as part of his gimmick.

Kaitlyn continued with WWE for about a half year after her championship loss but never could regain the title. As of early 2014, she officially retired from the wrestling ring in order to work on other businesses and enjoy her personal life. One has to think that having Kaitlyn as part of the Wyatt Family could have really boosted both she and all of the members of the group.

Since Kaitlyn has left, Bray Wyatt has gone on to win the WWE Championship and take on a sort of demonic transformation, with Sister Abigail speaking through him on Raw. Luke Harper has won the Intercontinental title, and now Erick Rowan has teamed with Harper to form a destructive new tag team. Basically, the Wyatt Family has split up. However, just imagine having a destructive female in the group with Kaitlyn’s bodybuilder frame to wreak havoc on the women’s division back in the day when the Wyatts were being pushed.