’90 Day Fiance’ Season 5 Ep 10 Recap: Molly Throws Luis Out, Annie Meets David’s Children

Molly and Luis had an explosive argument about religion, while Annie learns of David's past.

Molly and Luis had an explosive argument about religion, while Annie learns of David's past.

Things are heating up on 90 Day Fiance Season 5. As the six couples approach their K1 visa deadlines, they are now scrambling to work on the loose ends of their relationships. Last night’s episode featured lots of crazy fights, hysterical tears, and even possible breakups. Read on for our full recap below!

Molly & Luis

For the past few weeks, we’ve seen Luis complaining about how much he misses living in the Dominican Republic. He also doesn’t feel like he’s ready to be a stepfather to Molly’s two daughters. Now, Molly finally addresses the issue.

The 41-year-old sits down with her 26-year-old fiance to talk about their issues. Oddly, their conversation turns to religion. Luis criticizes Molly for having “demons” in her house because she doesn’t own a single Bible. Molly explains in a confessional that Luis was brought up in a strict “spirit-filled” home, hence his beliefs.

Molly takes offense at Luis’ criticism because she believes that a person’s spirituality shouldn’t be based on having certain religious objects. Her temper explodes and calls Luis a “hypocrite.”

“This is dead wrong! You’re dead wrong to come here with all your religious beliefs and values when you are sitting here, a straight sinner!” Molly hysterically tells Luis.

“Why don’t you blame your pornography that I caught on your phone? Your bachelor party at the strip club? Pre-marital sex, drinking, partying, hanging out in the streets with all your friends? You’re a hypocrite!”

Frustrated, Molly takes off her engagement ring and throws it to Luis. She tells him to pack his bags and get out of her house.

Nicole & Azan

Nicole’s stay in Morocco is over, and she is sad to leave Azan behind. The two just came from a violent fight, but it looks like they have worked things out between them. Azan tells Nicole that he trusts her but not 100 percent.

In the airport before her flight back to the United States, Nicole and Azan have a touching moment as they say goodbye.

Josh & Aika

Last week, Josh revealed that he can’t have kids with Aika because he’s had a vasectomy. Now, the two head to a doctor because Aika is determined to have children of her own.

The doctor tells Aika that aside from Josh’s vasectomy reversal, it’s her biological clock that will determine her chances to conceive. The 36-year-old Filipina gets checked for her egg count. She’s shocked to learn that her egg count is low and that she should be worried about her fertility.

While Josh still isn’t sold on having more children, the two agree to have Aika’s eggs frozen.

Elizabeth & Andrei

Elizabeth’s sisters and friends have prepared a fun bachelorette party for her. They show up in a pink limousine ready for their wild night out in Miami. Andrei, ever the conservative, reminds Elizabeth to be in touch with him throughout the night.

However, Elizabeth’s friends grab her phone in a ploy to rile her up. Elizabeth gets upset at them, but she decides to push through with her party. At the bar, Elizabeth lets loose and enjoys the night. She’s seen dancing on tables wearing her “bride-to-be” sash.

“So much fun to be with my girls. Just to be worry-free and stress-free for a minute,” the 27-year-old says in a confessional.

“And then another side of me is thinking about Andrei. I know he’ll be like, ‘No, don’t do that. That’s trashy. Only girls who do that want attention.’ But I didn’t care anyway. I did it!”

David & Annie

Annie finally meets David’s grown-up children, who aren’t amused at the fact that their father is marrying someone half his age. While arguing over dinner, David’s daughter Ashley throws a glass of water at him. This shocks Annie, especially because kids in Thailand don’t act that way around their parents. She wonders if she can ever accept this new culture when she marries David.

The next day, Annie and Ashley talk. Ashley tells her future stepmother that David has not been very close to them. She also warns Annie about David’s drinking problems and how he cheated on their mother in the past.

These new revelations cast many doubts in Annie’s mind, and she wonders if she still wants to go through with the wedding.

90 Day Fiance Season 5 airs every Sunday, 9 p.m. on TLC.