Is ‘The Greatest Showman’ ‘Oscar Material’? Fans Tweet About The Hugh Jackman Movie’s Golden Globes Potential

Is The Greatest Showman “Oscar material?”

With the theatrical debut of the highly-anticipated Hugh Jackman movie nearly one week away, there are quite a few fans, critics, and moviegoers discussing the movie’s potential performance during the upcoming awards season.

Keep in mind that the nominations for the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony are scheduled for Monday morning, December 11. Since The Greatest Showman was released in time to be considered for the upcoming award season, it could very well receive a nomination (or list of nominations) along with the rest of the films announced at that time.

However, will it be announced? Will Hugh Jackman’s longtime passion project receive a surprising nomination or snubbing neglect during the 2018 Golden Globes nomination announcement?

According to a substantial number of the tweets shared online about The Greatest Showman, quite a few people expect it to be named at least a few times either for the overall film or for specific performances within the film when it comes to Golden Globe nominations. However, the tone of quite a few of the messages seems to argue that the film will be acknowledged by the Golden Globes, but may be overlooked by the Academy for the anticipated Oscars ceremony.

It is clear that not everyone feels that way. One Twitter user, in particular, spoke against the claims that The Greatest Showman has no Oscars potential – referencing the thought that it is a five-year passion project of critically-acclaimed Oscar nominee Hugh Jackman.

According to Variety, this $84 million passion project led by Hugh Jackman as the leading man “represents a big risk” for Fox since the studio is set to spend over $100 million to market and release the big-budget musical around the world.

To raise the stakes of this high-dollar gamble even higher, The Greatest Showman is not a musical with a built-in Broadway audience ready to see its stage-to-screen transition. In most cases, studios feel much more comfortable with green-lighting a movie musical if it has already made that type of transition – being adapted from a successful Broadway play into a blockbuster movie.

However, with the overwhelming success of last year’s La La Land, perhaps there is now a precedent in place that places an everlasting footnote of arguable exception to that longtime, strongly-believed concept.

Whether or not The Greatest Showman will be a huge hit for Fox, Hugh Jackman or even supporting stars Zac Efron and Zendaya is yet to be seen. At the very least, the average moviegoer or critic must admit that it will be interesting to see how the movie fits into the award season puzzle this year.