December 11, 2017
Kylie Jenner Closes Down Cosmetics Factory As California Wildfires Rage On, Staff Evacuated

Kylie Jenner, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and cosmetics mogul, shut down her cosmetics facility as the California wildfires continue to escalate, threatening to burn more homes and businesses in the vicinity.

Moreover, the KUWTK mainstay decided to temporarily stop operations in her makeup factory to ensure the safety of her staff. Most of her employees have already left the location and went on to evacuate their families since their own homes are in danger as well.

On Sunday, Dec. 10, the Kylie Jenner cosmetics company released its statement regarding the evacuation. The notice that was posted on Twitter revealed that the site had been significantly affected by the wildfires that are currently beating down the southern part of California.

Then again, the company assured its customers that it will still ship orders as some of the staff, who did not evacuate, have returned to work so they can catch up and do everything to deliver orders. At the end of the note, Kylie Cosmetics once again stressed that ensuring the safety of the staff is still their top priority.

Per a report from the BBC, the California wildfires that have been raging and scorching the state since last week started with a huge bushfire in Ventura County. Overnight, the flames spread due to strong winds, cutting through Los Angeles and reaching the Sepulveda Pass, the freeway that connects West LA and San Fernando Valley.

Several more wildfires erupted in four different locations and one was already near UCLA and Bel-Air, the exclusive neighborhood of celebrities. Big stars including Paris Hilton, Chelsea Handler, and Chrissy Teigen have all left their homes as the flames head closer to their location.
Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner has been criticized by fans after introducing her cosmetic line's $360 makeup brush set. US Weekly stated that the kit contains different brushes under the Silver Series set.

According to the reports, many bloggers and fans were disappointed as they find the price of Kylie Cosmetic's makeup set to be too steep. Now, in an effort to explain, Kylie Jenner posted a tweet on Dec. 9 where she said that the brushes were luxury ones that cannot be compared to synthetic types.

Since this is the case, she went on to say that the item would give superior performance as they are of high quality. To satisfy her fans, Kylie Jenner then promised to make cheaper sets in the future.