Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce — Truth Behind Multi-Million Dollar Divorce Settlement

Did Brad Pitt offer $100 million to Angelina Jolie to speed up the divorce settlement?

Did Brad Pitt offer $100 million to Angelina Jolie to speed up the divorce settlement?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s high-profile divorce has made headlines ever since they mutually announced their separation in September 2016. Brad Pitt was recently accused of dating Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco. At the same time, Angelina Jolie was allegedly accused of not allowing her six children to spend winter holidays with their father. There were recent rumors that suggested Brad is eager to conclude his marriage with Angelina and has reportedly offered her $100 million to speed up the divorce settlement and now many are wondering the truth behind this multi-million divorce settlement.

An alleged source revealed to Life & Style that Fight Club movie star Brad Pitt has offered $100 million to Angelina to settle down the divorce proceedings, but the Tomb Raider actress Angelina Jolie did not accept the overwhelming amount from her estranged husband. It was further reported that when it comes to Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie reportedly has second thoughts and that is why she is delaying the divorce proceedings.

“Angie has rejected every single offer, including the most recent one, for $100 million.”

However, Gossip Cop debunked the claims made by Life & Style. The outlet pointed out that the weekly tabloid’s claims are made-up and there is no truth behind it.

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After confirming from an authorized source, Gossip Cop revealed that the news of Brad offering $100 million to settle the divorce and her rejecting his offer is nothing but a lie. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s well-wishers are advised to understand that the A-list Hollywood actor has not offered any sum to his wife.

As of this writing, Brad Pitt is busy filming his upcoming science-fiction film Ad Astra in which he will be seen playing the role of Roy McBride, who travels through the solar system to find his long-lost father (played by Tommy Lee Jones). The film is scheduled to release in 2019. On the other hand, Angelina Jolie’s recently released First They Killed My Father has garnered great views from both critics and viewers. Based on Loung Ung’s memoir of the same name, First They Killed My Father is set in 1975 where a 7-year-old Ung is forced to be trained as a soldier while her other siblings are sent to labor camps.

There is no substantial update as to when both Brad and Angelina will move ahead to finalize the divorce proceedings.