‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 120 Preview Analysis: Gohan Leads Attack Vs. Universe 3, New Form Coming Soon?

As the end of Tournament of Power draws near, 66 fighters have already been eliminated and five universes have been erased. In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, Universe 4 went all-out against Universe 7. They managed to eliminate Piccolo, but ended up losing all their fighters and became the fifth universe to vanish.

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 120, entitled “The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3’s Menacing Assassin!,” Universe 3 will be the next to challenge Universe 7 with Son Goku as their main target. Universe 3 fighters mostly consist of characters in robotic suits. These enable them to increase their power and speed.

In the preview for the upcoming episode, it seems like skill enhancement is not the only thing the robotic suits are good for. Three of Universe 3 fighters will merge into one super warrior. While they are engulfed in a light, Son Goku and his comrades decide to launch an attack. The enemy is strong enough to force Son Goku and Vegeta to transform into Super Saiyan Blue.

However, even using the God Ki, the two Saiyans are still not able to defeat the enemy. Son Gohan will come onto the scene and lead the attack. After launching a powerful Kamehameha, he manages to break the enemy’s barrier and burn them to a crisp. Will Son Gohan get a new transformation in the Tournament of Power?

Piccolo’s elimination increased Son Gohan’s determination to win the Tournament of Power. After seeing his master knocked out of the arena, Son Gohan vows that his sacrifice won’t be in vain. So far, his greatest power is the mystic form, but there is a strong possibility that he’ll get a power-up in future episodes.

Universe 7’s battle against Universe 3 won’t end in Dragon Ball Super Episode 120. In the leaked DBS titles and summaries, Universe 3 will survive Son Gohan’s Kamehameha and do the four-body fusion. Though it’s still unknown whether Universe 3 will cost Universe 7 another casualty, Son Goku and his comrades will still find a way to defeat their enemies. After Universe 7 is done with Universe 3, they will be in the final battle against Universe 11, who still has Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the west through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.