NFL Rumors: Texans’ Tom Savage Suffers Concussion, Possible Seizure Seen In Video

Houston Texans fans got a scare with images of Savage's shaking hands following a big hit.

Houston Texans fans got a scare with images of Savage's shaking hands following a big hit.

During Sunday’s mix of NFL game and highlights, Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage was seen with twitching hands following a hit he took against the ground. The frightening incident saw Savage leave the game per the concussion protocol then return again after being checked out. However, it was later considered serious enough to have the veteran quarterback taken out of the game for good with an apparent concussion. Here’s what went down in Houston and the latest Tom Savage injury update.

According to NESN’s Dakota Randall, the play happened in the first half of the Texans’ home matchup with the San Francisco 49ers. Savage was hit by outside linebacker Eli Harold and ended up slamming the back of his head against the turf. A brief video clip from the Render NFL Twitter account shows Savage rolling onto his side on the ground and his hand twitching which some individuals believe to be a sign of Saving having suffered a seizure. Savage was checked on under the league’s concussion protocol for about three minutes. He actually made a return to play some more, leaving with two minutes to go before the end of the first half. Eventually, backup T.J. Yates came in for him to take over the offense.

Texans QB Tom Savage hit by 49ers defender

Former WWE star Chris Nowinski, who is now founder and CEO of Concussion Legacy Foundation, tweeted his thoughts about seeing Savage make a return to the game after what happened following the hit.

ESPN NFL Nation’s Sarah Barshop tweeted about why the Houston Texans quarterback was permitted to return to the game and then taken out later. Reportedly, the medical staff wasn’t completely satisfied with the results from the second set of evaluations.

The injury situation has certainly been tough on the Texans this season. The team finally had the return of defensive star J.J. Watt, only for him to suffer another season-ending injury earlier this year. Quarterback DeShaun Watson was looking great in his rookie season and eventually suffered a season-ending injury during a practice session. Now fans will be waiting to see what Savage’s condition is. Texans head coach Bill O’Brien spoke about the incident and the injury after the game.

With Savage ruled out of today’s game due to a concussion, T.J. Yates tried to lead the team to a comeback win. However, the San Francisco 49ers ended up getting the 26-16 win, making it their second-straight victory this NFL season. With the loss, Houston fell to 4-9 with no hope of reaching this year’s NFL Playoffs.