Mother Allegedly Strangles Baby To Death Because It Had Fairer Skin Than Her Husband

In a shocking incident, a 28-year-old woman from the state of Kerala in India was arrested after she allegedly killed her own baby. According to the Deccan Chronicle, the woman identified only by her first name Sandhya allegedly killed her 8-day-old baby boy because he did not resemble or have the facial features of her husband. The horrific crime came to light after the baby was taken to a local hospital after he was found unresponsive by Sandhya’s husband, a man identified as Kandathinkara Binu.

According to police, on the day of the incident, Sandhya informed her husband about their baby being unresponsive. The couple then took the child to a local hospital for treatment. However, doctors at the hospital declared the child dead on arrival. They also observed several marks around the baby’s neck, which led to the doctors smelling foul play. The hospital authorities quickly informed the local police about the incident, after which they interrogated both the parents. After a few hours of questioning, Sandhya admitted her crime and revealed the shocking reason she thought the baby did not deserve to live.

In the course of her interrogation, Sandhya revealed that she used a cloth to strangulate the baby. After killing the baby, she told her husband that the baby was unresponsive. Even though Sandhya’s husband Binu tried to save the baby, it was too late. While the authorities continue to investigate the incident, Sandhya continues to maintain that she killed the baby because the child did not resemble or have the facial features of her husband. She was also worried about the child’s skin color, which did not match Binu’s and was afraid that her husband would disown the child because of his fairer skin.

Authorities are also investigating whether she had any mental illness. Sandhya and her husband have been married for 10 years, and the couple has another child, who is 9-years-old. A case of murder has been registered against Sandhya, and the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Meanwhile, local residents have expressed shock and outrage after the incident came to light. The state of Kerala, where the incident happened, is widely considered to be the among the most progressive in India, with high HDI (human development index) figures and life expectancy figures that rival developed economies. Tucked away in the southwestern corner of India, it is also among the most visited, tourist-friendly states in India.