South Carolina Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp Claims Police Have More Bodies To Find, But Won’t Give Details

Law enforcement officials think additional murder victims of serial killer may be in other states, but not in South Carolina.

Law enforcement officials think additional murder victims of serial killer may be in other states, but not in South Carolina.

South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp admits more victims have yet to be found. According to a letter written by the convicted murderer, he told investigators about additional killings but was ignored.

“At this point, I really don’t see reason to give numbers or locations,” wrote Kohlhepp in an eight-page letter to the Herald-Journal of Spartanburg, as cited by CBS News.

Convicted of seven murders in May, Todd Kohlhepp received a life sentence without eligibility for parole. In addition to life, the 46-year-old South Carolina serial killer also got 60 years for kidnapping, sexual assault, and other related charges. He committed the heinous crimes over a 10-year period while working as a real estate agent.

In 2016, police were searching for a missing couple, Charles David Carter and girlfriend Kala Brown. They eventually discovered Brown, living with a chain around her neck and locked in a storage container. A shallow grave was also found nearby.

Initial questioning revealed that Brown and Carter were at Kohlhepp’s property to do some cleaning work. Brown described how Kohlhepp fatally shot Carter then locked her in the container, where she remained for over two months.

Appearing on the Dr. Phil show in February, Brown described her captivity at the hands of the South Carolina serial killer. She described being raped daily by Kohlhepp and how he would brag about his skill at killing, insisting he murdered at least 100 people.

“He [Kohlhepp] told me as long as I served my purpose, I was safe.”

Todd Kohlhepp kept Kala Brown locked in a container.

During sentencing, attorneys representing Kohlhepp told the court there were only seven victims. The condemned serial killer now claims there are definitely more, admitting to a murder spree that goes beyond South Carolina. Before moving to the state in 2001, Kohlhepp did a 14-year stretch in prison for a kidnapping conviction. When he was 15 and living in Arizona, Kohlhepp kidnapped and raped a 14-year-old neighbor girl.

While law enforcement officials think more victims are out there, they sincerely doubt any unsolved murders involving Kohlhepp are in South Carolina.

“I’m sure there are more. I’m just thinking they’re more likely in Florida or elsewhere,” said Captain Mike Walters of the Anderson, S.C., police department, as reported by Fox News. “People like him, they want the cops to get the notoriety. They’re always going to throw bait out there often to keep their name out there.”

Todd Kohlhepp was also charged and convicted of killing Johnny and Meagan Coxie as well as four other people. The local South Carolina FBI office in Columbia is looking into the serial killer’s claim of more unidentified victims.