Poll: Donald Trump's Approvals With White Evangelicals Dips 17 Points

Donald Trump's support among white evangelical Protestants has dipped by 17 points over the last 10 months, according to a new national poll.

The Pew Research Center poll found support for Trump among that sector has fallen from 78 to 61 percent since last February. By further comparison, pollsters noted that 81 percent of white evangelical voters backed Trump in the 2016.

Pew researchers also found that support for Trump among adults 50 and older has significantly fallen, declining from 47 to just 38 percent.

Several media outlets have also reported Pew data shows that Trump's approval rating has either remained the same or dropped among every demographic group polled.

The poll of 1,503 respondents was conducted over the first week of December, a time that was also highlighted by Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, pleading guilty to lying to the FBI.

In the wake of Flynn's plea, a subsequent HuffPost/YouGov poll found that half of Americans now think the ties between Russia and Trump's campaign team register as legitimate concern.

Overall, Trump's approval rating stands at a Pew poll record low of 32 percent, compared to 63 percent of voters who now disapprove of the job he is doing.

Things don't get any brighter in a recent Public Religion Research Institute survey that found that opposition to Trump is so strong among those disapproving of him, one in three of those voters insist "there is almost nothing he can do to win their support."


The PRRI survey found that's more than two times the 15 percent of voters who agreed "there is almost nothing he can do to lose their support."

In addition, 26 percent of those who responded they now support Trump admitted they could change their mind.

PRI pollsters highlighted that the president's dwindling popularity now begs the question of how low his "floor" can go, particularly given that several other recent polls also found that the number of voters still willing to support him essentially without question was also closely pegged in the vicinity of just 15 percent.

In the PRI poll, levels of support for Trump were largely based on demographics. With three in five of them insisting there is almost nothing he can do to change their view of him, black Americans feverishly opposed the president. Researchers noted another 26 percent of blacks also identified as "weak" Trump opponents, meaning they currently disapprove of Trump.

Women are another group that seemingly do not consider themselves to be fans of the president. Slightly more than two in five, or 41 percent of female respondents, identified as strong Trump opponents, compared with just 24 percent of men.