NBA Rumors: LeBron James To Houston Rockets?

Could LeBron James sign with the Houston Rockets to join Chris Paul?

Could LeBron James sign with the Houston Rockets to join Chris Paul?

NBA rumors about a LeBron James to Houston Rockets scenario have taken social media by storm. Could a trio of LeBron James, Chris Paul, and James Harden form the next NBA super team? A report by USA Today writer Sam Amick takes a look at that possibility, following quite a few NBA rumors about James looking to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers (again).

The take from Amick addresses how many Los Angeles Lakers rumors have alluded to a pursuit of LeBron James when he hits free agency in the offseason. The lure of the Lakers would be a young core of players that includes Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram. When Chris Paul and James Harden combined for 57 points and 15 assists as the Rockets destroyed the Lakers last Sunday (December 3), the result suggested that James might be better-suited to join the team down in Texas.

It’s no secret that LeBron James and Chris Paul are good friends, raising the possibility that these NBA rumors suggesting a LeBron James to Houston Rockets scenario might not be far-fetched. The two have joked about playing together in the past and did well as members of Team USA. That’s a similar story to the one about Carmelo Anthony, though, and that team-up never happened with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Could James and Anthony both take pay cuts to join Paul and Harden with the Rockets?

The USA Today report also addresses the salary issues of these particular NBA rumors. The NBA salary cap is expected to be $101 million for the 2018-19 season, likely making it difficult for the Houston Rockets to afford max contracts for Chris Paul and LeBron James when they hit free agency. Would Paul take less money in order to entice James to come to town? Amick points out that Kevin Durant took less money to make the situation with the Golden State Warriors work, so it’s certainly possible.

This is a lot of conjecture, as it’s possible that when Isaiah Thomas finally returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers, James enjoys playing with the All-Star point guard. That could create a situation where James wants to remain in Cleveland to try to get the city multiple NBA titles. If the chemistry doesn’t work out, though, the front offices of teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets are eagerly awaiting the chance to make contract offers. With how well the Rockets are playing, though, maybe the team doesn’t need James to finally get back to the NBA Finals.