December 11, 2017
Matt Lauer Sex Scandal & 'Love Children' Rumors Don't Kill Career: Fired TV Star Nabs Film Role Shockers

Matt Lauer has faced rumors for years of being a womanizer. But when NBC News received allegations of sexual misconduct from one of Matt's colleagues, the network fired him. Lauer's exit has opened the proverbial can of worms about his personal and professional life, with the sex scandal rumors expanding to resurface his alleged affair with Natalie Morales and allegations that he fathered two love children with mistresses, as the Inquisitr reported. But now those who speculated that Matt's career is destroyed are doing a double-take, with Lauer holding onto not just one but two film roles. It's a shocking contrast to Kevin Spacey, whose role was recently cut from a film.

Matt Lauer's TV Exit Could Turn Into Film Future

Even as more details of Matt's alleged sexual misconduct are known, Lauer is starring in two movies, reported Entertainment Tonight. Both films are earning positive reviews.
"Lauer, who was fired from the Today show on Nov. 29 for 'inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,' actually appears in both Lady Bird and I, Tonya."
Matt is joined by Katie Couric, his former co-host, in his role in Lady Bird. Taking place in the '90s, this coming-of-age movie stars Saoirse Ronan playing the role of Christine. The lead character is seen watching Katie and Matt as Lauer gives reports on 9/11.

Matt Lauer continues to face sex scandal allegations, with his alleged affair with Natalie Morales resurfacing.
Matt Lauer continues to face sex scandal allegations with his alleged affair with Natalie Morales resurfacing.

Lauer also is keeping his role in I, Tonya. That movie features Margot Robbie portraying the infamous figure skater Tonya Harding. In I Tonya, Matt takes on the challenge of reporting the news about the attack in 1994 on Harding's arch enemy Nancy Kerrigan.

Matt Lauer Keeps Film Roles Amid Sex Scandal As Kevin Spacey's Role Is Cut And Redone By Christopher Plummer

Even though Lauer's sexual misconduct allegations professionally and cheating rumors personally continue to make headlines, Entertainment Tonight reported that Matt will not lose either of his movie appearances. It's a dramatic contrast to Kevin Spacey.
"Kevin Spacey was cut from the J. Paul Getty biopic All the Money in the World and replaced by Christopher Plummer, in the wake of the multiple allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against Spacey."
As a result of that decision, Plummer had to take on all of the scenes in which Spacey had appeared. Plummer described the situation as "very sad," pointing out that Kevin is "such a talented guy."But Christopher also commented that the entire sexual misconduct scenario is depressing. The famed actor has taken on the challenge of forgetting about how Spacey portrayed the role and moving forward. Plummer described the opportunity as an excellent one, praising the script as "very well-written" and director Ridley Scott as "very good."

Movie Audience Groans When Matt Lauer Appears In Film Screening

However, the New York Daily News reported that during a screening of Lady Bird, the audience groaned at the sight of Lauer. The film revolves around women, with Greta Gerwig as the director. But apparently, nothing could save Matt from the audience reaction, with viewers reacting strongly when Lauer is seen issuing a report on the war in Afghanistan as actress Saoirse Ronan watches.

Representatives for Lady Bird declined to comment when asked about considering cutting Matt from the film. It is not known if the producers of I, Tonya had discussed the possibility of removing Lauer's role. Matt previously has starred in cameos for Zoolander 2, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, and Entourage.